Occupy Wall Street Test Run Video

Occupy Wall Street, planned for September 17th, has posted a video of a test run on September 1st. They planned to spend the night on Wall Street. They announce a Second Revolution and chant, “Wall Street is all streets.” Exhilerating! You’ll see police interaction, and the “revolutionaries” are telling police the Constitution of the United States gives them the right to sleep on the sidewalks. Federal law transcends state law, don’t you know. Doesn’t it always these days? One says he wants to change the system, and students should not have to pay back school loans. Unbelievably, the policeman says, ” I agree with you.” The police say the “gathering” is not acceptable, and the hippie tells the Cop he is blocking the sidewalk. Nine were arrested and released that same night, costing taxpayers plenty (do these people pay taxes – do any of them have a job?).

UPDATE 9-18-11: See ongoing updates of US Day of Rage and Occupy Wall Street here.

Thanks to Judy W. for the tip! Read more on the connections to Occupy Wall Street (U.S. Day of Rage) here and some background here.

Occupy Wall Street Test Run (video)

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