Obama Paranoia: Attack Watch Video: Obama’s 4th Brigade of Snitch

Before you go to AttackWatch.com, note the site is tracking your cookies, or whatever. Michelle Malkin calls this Obama’s 4th Brigade of Snitch. The video below is a response to AttackWatch.com, and the Twitter hashtag #AttackWatch is flaming. Memorable Tweet: “There’s a new Twitter account making …Obama look like a creepy, authoritarian nutjob…” Read the story at Michelle Malkin here  and another here.

Attaaaaccck Waaaaaatch – 4th Brigade of Snitch (video)

Linked From the Desk of Lady Liberty – Thanks so much!

Graphic courtesy of MichelleMalkin.com

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  • Thank you to the ZeroZombies for giving us so many laughs and so much blog fodder. Your attempts to intimidate us keep failing but keep it up, cuz we’re laughing our asses off.

  • Judy

    Hitler discovers Attack Watch is a joke and he is not a happy camper.
    Tooo bad soooo sad!