Nudists Nude on San Francisco Streets? Bring Your Own Towel

In the Castro District of San Francisco, nudists are allowed to go wherever, whenever sans clothing. I don’t think this is due to a particular law for this particular district, but simply the tolerance of others. I didn’t know that was tolerated anywhere in the U.S. other than specified places that were one time referred to as “colonies,” and on some nude beaches in the U.S. After some resident intolerance, nudists are asked to cover their chairs with a towel when in a restaurant, and to wear clothing when dining out. It begs the question, how do you know that the side of the towel pointing down, wasn’t pointing up the last time it was used?

Castro District, San Francisco

The photo above is courtesy of the Straight and Living in Castro District Blog, which the writer says is San Francisco’s “best known gay neighborhood in the U.S,” and identifies as being one-half of a “young straight couple” living there.

Our waiter [sic] came out wearing a kilt and a belt that says “nudist” in jewels. This is a typical site in the castro, but then he took off all his clothes and put them in his backpack and walked down the street. It was a bit shocking thinking this guy just served us food, but then I realized this is also a common site in the castro.

Some of the “guys” shop for their food in those lush San Francisco marketplaces, including the Market and 17th Street plaza. As you can see from the story above, you also might be served your dinner by a nudist.

Read the comments here. One points out restaurant and store signs say to wear “shirts and shoes,” and at the most, that should be enough. Another asks, what if naked men brush against your young granddaughter on a crowded street? Another says most of the men are “fastidious” about covering their seat, but some upstart newcomers are not so tidy. A citizen complains that the city has many pressing issues, but instead Council members concentrate on “skid marks on public benches.” Eeewwww.

Looking at this list of nudist-allowed places in the U.S., most, including in California, seem to be specific resorts, parks and beaches – not whole neighborhoods.

Residents are unhappy and they have told officials, “enough is enough.” The Lonely Conservative is glad she lives on the other side of the country where the weather is nippy much of the time.  Jammie Wearing Fool thinks taxpayer-paid overalls might be on the horizon. Memeorandum has a discussion developing.

The Bard of Murdoch has a short, pithy poem for this story. Read Beware the Chair here.


Troglodite Pundit linked and says the city officials lack of action is like “the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy written as scat porn.”

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  • Disgusting is not the word. This is a perfect example of look at me, I can do what I want to do without you being able to say no.

    How about laughing at each and every one of these jerks when they walk about nude. And when they ask why, tell them that you are laughing at the fact they are so small. This should embarrass them.

    • findalis, laugh, point! The laugher would be arrested for hate crimes. It is disgusting. What about the people who moved into Castro before this began, have leases or own property, and don’t want this?

  • Are most of them male? I can’t see a real lady doing this. Adam and Eve had fig leaves.

    • I read in the comments that it’s mostly gay males.

      Thanks for the link, Maggie.

  • What has become of our culture, our morals and mores? Pathetic!

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  • In Montana… the short appendages of these idiots, would be… well lets say, frozen fish sticks… I saw a video of woman, having their children turned towards bushes with their hands on their eyes, as a bunch of nudists passed by in a park. Disgusting.
    May all of their parts freeze… Even the cave man wore skins. Who’s more civilized, the cave man or the idiot in San Francisco?