Newt Gingrich Reagan Library Debate: Spot-On Newt

I hear commentators on the right and left blasting Newt this morning for his comments about the media trying to get the debaters to attack each other. In the first debate sponsored by Fox News, he had a similar moment, but not as fine, and as on-point, when he said the questioners were asking “Mickey Mouse” questions. Last night Newt’s point about ObamaCare is very well-and-strongly-made. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Newt carried the fight against ObamaCare last night. Here’s the video and the transcript.

Newt Gingrich

One of the encouraging things I am seeing in Newt is, when he gets out of this race, as I think he will, he will be a strong voice for Conservatism and whomever our candidate may be.  The danger is Newt supporting the establishment candidate, Mitt Romney, before the primaries are over.

Transcript courtesy of Fox News.

JOHN HARRIS [Politico]: Speaker Gingrich, it sounds like we have a genuine philosophical disagreement. In Massachusetts, a mandate, almost no uninsured—in Texas, a more limited approach, about a quarter uninsured. Who’s got the better end of this argument?

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, I’m frankly not interested in your effort to get Republicans fighting each other.

(Harris laughs, audience applauds)

GINGRICH: The fact is—

HARRIS: Speaker Gingrich, we’ve got—

GINGRICH: The fact is—

HARRIS: We’ve got—

GINGRICH: No, no we don’t—

HARRIS: We’ve got a choice between the individual mandate or not. Anyway, go ahead.

GINGRICH: You’d have, you would like to puff this up into some giant thing. The fact is, every person up here understands Obamacare is a disaster. It is a disaster procedurally. It was rammed through after they lost Teddy Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts. It was written badly, it was never reconciled. It can’t be implemented. It is killing this economy.

And if this president had any concern for working Americans, he’d walk in Thursday night and ask us to repeal it because it’s a monstrosity. Every person up here agrees with that.

(Audience applauds)

And let me just say– since I still have a little time left, let me just say—


GINGRICH: I for one, and I hope all of my friends up here, going to repudiate every effort of the news media to get Republicans to fight each other to protect Barack Obama who deserves to be defeated. And all of us are committed as a team, whoever the nominee is, we are all for defeating Barack Obama.

Newt Gingrich on Media and ObamaCare (video)

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  • The very first two questions asked were not really questions but “statements” they were to respond to.

  • In light of what Newt said, he was the winner IMO. I am no real fan of his but his slapping of the panel was the highlight of the entire night. I’ll give him an A plus for last night. I am wondering why the rest did not join in.

    If Republicans want to get their message out, they are going to have to show some spine and get tough with the establishment media.

  • joyous optimism

    Take the time to listen to Speaker Gingrich’s presentation on Tuesday at Palmetto forum. He is articulate, poignant, and expressess clear solutions. I appreciate the statement made at the Fox debate. He explained true change will take more than one man in the White House. Rather, it will take all of us working together. We need a Republican Senate desperately if we are to overturn these horrendous policies. Newt is a great statesman. I encourage everyone to hear and listen to him. Think about what he says for instance Lean Six Sigma, judicial tyranny, energy and health soutions. This is the man Obama FEARS to debate!

    • Nick Pantele

      I would give anything to see a debate between Speaker Gingrich and President Obama. That would be priceless.

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