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The following video is Newt Gingrich’s statements at the September 5th, 2011 Palmetto Freedom Forum, sponsored by Senator Jim DeMint. I urge you to read Newts’s ending statements on controlling the border, or listen to it at the end of the video. (This post has been updated after viewing the entire video)

Newt Gingrich

Below is just a mere 4 minutes of some of Newt’s comments (paraphrased). The questioning session which followed these remarks is important.

1] Repeal Dodd-Frank, inherently corrupt

2] Replace Environmental Protection Agency with Environmental Solutions Agency

3] Repeal Sarbanes-Oxley

4] Need a 21st Century Food and Drug Administration that will help get the product to the marketplace as soon as possible. We must dominate the world health market, which will be the biggest market in the world.

5] No tax increase in 2013, period. Go to zero Capital Gains – hundreds of billions of dollars will pour into the country. Go to 12-1/2% corporate tax rate. Ironically, GE will pay more taxes at 12-1/2% than they are paying at 35% because it won’t profit them to hire attorneys to avoid the taxes. They currently pay 0% at 35%.

6] Go to 100% expensing so that every American farmer, every American factory has the most modern equipment in the world, so we are the most productive, so that we can compete with China

7] Abolish the death tax permanently because it is an immoral tax that says if you work, save and do the right thing your entire lifetime, politicians have the right to take your money. Profoundly wrong. We want family businesses expanding, not getting smaller, focused on job creation, not tax avoidance.

8] We need an American energy plan – a bill like the Webb-Warner Bill which I hope the House will pass unamended in the near future. Democrat bill, two Democratic legislators from Virginia. It says Virginia gets to develop oil and gas offshore, 50% of the revenue goes to the government, 37-1/2% to the Commonwealth of Virginia, 12-1/2% to land conservation and infrastructure. Take offshore development to create jobs, take part of the royalties to dredge the Charleston Harbor to make it modern so that when the Panama Canal is widened in 2014, you are ready for it. Create jobs in Charleston, jobs offshore, increase the wealth of the state, increase the wealth of the country.

I am for more revenue through the development of Federal lands. I am for more revenue through an American energy policy, but I am against raising taxes.

DeMint: What would you do to deal with our debt?

Newt: First of all, as when I was Speaker, we balanced the budget in four straight years and paid off $405 Billion of debt. First, we have to stop running a deficit.

DeMint: Do we need a constitutional amendement to do that?

Newt: I personally favor a constitutional amendment for practical reasons. A politician who has an open-ended opportunity to borrow money has too little incentive to say no to interest groups. But a politician who can say with a straight-face, I can’t do it…every state legislature in the country understands this principle…you can’t spend more than you take in because it is against the Constitution of your state. It gives you an automatic bias at priority setting, but I really believe, what is a really dumb idea is a Super Committee of 12. the whole concept is just bizarre. We have 535 House and Senate members. Why are 12 of them special? You have 217 committees and subcommittees already standing. Why do you need a new one? There are at least strategies you could develop that would get you every penny you need without getting into the kind of negotiating that Washington loves. If you modernize the federal government, the people who know how to do this for business believe they can save $500 Billion a year. That’s three times the amount the Super Committee is looking for. But it requires change. It’s very hard to get Washington to slow down and learn new things.

Congressman Steve King (R-IA): What is your highest presidential planck priority?

Newt: It would be your bill to repeal ObamaCare.

King: How do you make a decision that is a “destiny” decision about the future of the United States, after you have consulted with all you deem necessary, and looked at all sides of the issue. After you close the door of the Oval Office, how do you make that decision?

Newt: That is a very profound question. Me evokes President Lincoln, when he gives his greatest speech, his second inaugural speech, agonizing and painful, which in 702 words references God fourteen times and quotes the Bible twice. In the intervening years, 620,000 Americans had died, more than all our other wars. Lincoln was driven to read the Bible everyday, to pray profoundly, to ask why God was putting us through this.  I think anyone who would not face the most serious questions by asking God’s guidance and God’s grace, and asking God’s help, would be a person who totally misunderstood the nature of life and who would be dangerous hold a major office….Seeking God’s guidance is at the heart of whether you can survive in a dangerous world, and a world where evil always lurks.

King: On immigration, there are 50 million people in other countries waiting in line to come into the U.S. legally, and we are allowing in a little more than a million people a year, we are by far the most generous nation on earth, by far, and yet we have 10 or 12 million people here illegally. From that number of one million, is there such a thing as too many immigrants, how would you define that, and would you support a merit system of their ability to support this economic system, rather than familial and any other considerations we have.

Newt: If you are in a boom period, you can absorb more people than, as we are right now, either in a recession or depression. Second is the question of assimilation. When you have a country that is proud of it’s history, that is proud of its language, which is comfortable with saying to people, come to America to be Americans, you can absorb more people than if you have a country whose [unintelligible] are totally confused, and are prepared to give up on being an American. If we are not going to be a melting pot, we can’t afford to have very many people coming here. When you realize there are more than 200 languages spoken in the Chicago school system, there are more than 180 languages spoken at Miami-Dade Community College – that’s why I favor English as the official language of government. We need a unifying system which says, yes we are eager to have people come to America, but we want you to come here to be American, not to be confused about how this country operates.

Controversial but we have to deal with it, break down the approach to immigration. You cannot pass a comprehensive law. President Bush could pass such a law with a Republican-controlled Congress, and President Obama couldn’t pass one with a Democrat-controlled Congress. Start with control of the border. I have a simple model: control the border means control 100% of the border. You can tell, are people getting in illegally? Are drugs getting in illegally. If they are not, you are controlling it. If they are, you are not controlling it. There are more Homeland Security…bureaucrats, in Washington than there are assigned to the border. So I will be willing to take half the people currently serving in Washington, ship them Texas, Arizona, New Mexico.

King: Would you extend the fence until they quit going around the end?

Newt: I want 100% control of the border. The entire Texas-Mexico border is a river. Surely we should be able to patrol a river. Whether you patrol a river with a fence, or you put 65o DHS bureaucrats standing shoulder-to-shoulder…there are a variety of ways to do it.

We won the Second World War in 44 months. From Pearl Harbor to victory over Nazi Germany Facist Italy and Imperialist Japan, 3 years and 8 months. Ronald Reagan wrote in his diary, I’m signing the Simpson-Mazoli act because we have to control the border, and today we’re told we can’t control the border is baloney.


Newt Gingrich at Palmetto Freedom Forum (video)

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