Muslims Against Crusades Celebrating September 11, 2001

Are you familiar with the website Muslims Against Crusades? When you go to their website linked below, don’t click through the first screen. Wait it out, even if you can hear your heart thumping. And after you read all of the following, think of how many Muslims living in the West agree with Muslims Against Crusades. How many secret celebrations will be going on in the world’s true democracies on 9/11/01?

The Hate That Never Ended
Published September 5, 2011 at Noisy Room and Gulag Bound
by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

10 years… 10 long years. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel as if justice has been served since 9-11. Justice would have been simultaneous hits on Afghanistan and Iran, bringing their leadership to their knees and leaving their countries a pile of rubble. But that’s not how it happened. Americans are still fighting and 9-11 was one strike against America in a war that we will win. I still have no doubt of that.

Even today I weep for those friends and family members lost on that horrific day. I was living in Phoenix and saw it all play out in color on TV. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – I still can’t. My soul still cries out for those murdered and the monstrous radical ideology that took their lives. For the rest of my days, I will see the images and grief of that day. I can never forget and neither can America.

We lost 2,977 Americans that day; more than we lost at Pearl Harbor. But, unlike Pearl Harbor, there was no defining retribution for these murders. There has been no end to an undeclared war.

The memorials aren’t even built yet. And of those that are being built, unbelievably, one has an Islamic Crescent in it’s design.

Flt. 93 Memorial

From “911 Flight 93 Memorial: Islamic Crescent of Betrayal,” Atlas Shrugs, 8/4/2011
This is the site of the 9/11/2001 murders of Flight 93 at Shanksville, PA
Those responsible for this celebratory Islamist design should be outed by name. – AW

And that is not the only travesty – on this day that is an American day, a day for American grief, the now mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, won’t allow clergy or 9-11 first responders to attend the 10th Anniversary of the attacks. Bloomberg should be voted out for this outrageous act – actually, he should be driven from New York in shame. And finally, as a further slap to America’s face, he is supporting the blasphemous Ground Zero Mosque and allowing their clergy to attend its christening (I chose that word on purpose folks). It’s like honoring our attackers on sacred ground. Bloomberg is an evil man and history will reflect very poorly on him for these acts. He will never be America’s mayor. He might be more suited to mayor of Baghdad or a city in Afghanistan. His loyalties do not lie with America evidently and one wonders what he has been promised. But he is not alone…

Muslims Against Crusades

Today, I received a head’s up from a friend concerning a site with the name ‘Muslims Against Crusades.’ You should see the site, but pull over or sit down before you do. The site made me furious. It opens up with a video featuring a silhouetted airplane heading towards the Twin Towers and then asks several questions:

  1. Were they innocent?
  2. Who’s guilty?
  3. Justifiable?
  4. Were the 19… Martyrs? Suicide or Martyrdom
  5. Could there be another 911?

And in a little over six days, they claim there will be a protest in front of the US Embassy in London declaring that the US was defeated on that day. They will stand with those from Shariah4America spouting hate-filled rhetoric, claiming that Islam brought the world’s sole super power to her knees. And guess who is to blame for 9-11 according to these cowards? Why the US is of course. And it would appear that these violent Islamofascists have quite a following on Facebook and Twitter. They want Islam to rule the world and for all to serve under Shariah law.

Bloomberg, along with The New York Times and many others, seems to be supporting their cause. Just a reminder for all of you what is defined as Shariah law:

Under Sharia law, the clothes you wear, music you listen to, and television you watch would all be censored. Behavior in public is legally restricted and controlled. And Sharia is the ideal social system for those that preach Radical Islam. Sharia is an Arabic term referring to a legal framework to regulate public and private aspects of life based upon specific Islamic teachings. Sharia is an intolerant system that threatens the western ideals of “liberty and justice for all”. Sharia views non-Muslims as second class citizens, sanctions inequality between men and women, prescribes cruel and unusual punishments for crimes, and promotes a restrictive business environment that strangles the freedoms of capitalism.

If you are a Jew, they kill you. If you are a Christian, you convert, pay the Jizya tax or they execute you. If you are gay, you will be put to death. Women are property and slaves. Sexual abuse is legal and rampant. Beheading is the preferred method of execution. And the list goes on and on… Imagine a worldwide Caliphate where this is the norm, where a fascist theocracy rules the day and freedom no longer exists. This is what these people bring. They bring evil, slavery, darkness and death.

We are at war with millions of Islamic radicals who believe thisThese are the radical Islamists and their hate never ended after 9-11. It has been going on since Islam began and we are fighting for our lives and our way of life. We better start acting like it if we don’t want something much worse than 9-11 to play out on the lawn of the White House or in some mall in middle America.

The Jihadists need to understand this… We will never submit. We will never forget. We will fight you and the other enemies America faces within and without and we will win. That’s what good does – it wins, it overcomes. We will put an end to your hatred that never ended one way or the other. Evil is stupid and cowardly and in the end – it always loses.

In the end, the hate will be extinguished. The only question is, will the haters themselves be ended.

End Terresa Monroe-Hamilton article
  • Why should this be unusual to us by now. The whole Muslim world celebrated 9/11. From Gaza to Dearbourne they celebrated:

  • Don Laird

    The time is long overdue for the commencement of muslim deportations/repatriation of all muslims from North America.

    From Inuvik to El Paso, from San Diego to Halifax, muslims need to be interred and then sent to the islamic country of their choice.

    The reality of the “good muslim” is a farce. There are no “good muslims”, were there, we would have seen them in the thousands protesting the Ground Zero mosque and many other offensive, highly injurious acts of aggression and defiance. There have been no appearances as there are no “good muslims”

    We should not be moved by crying children, weeping muslim women and blustering muslim men as they are removed from their homes and placed on transport to airports for their flights to Africa and the Middle East. Their assets should be liquidated and transferred with them. They have engaged in a program of such murderous provocation that they deserve nothing less.

    Immigration to North America from every one of the 57 member nations of the Organization of Islamic Conference must be immediately stopped. All directors, founders, administrators, members and supporters of every single muslim advocacy group in North America like CAIR, MAS, ISNA, MSU, MSA, and NAIT should be immediately arrested and given a choice; leave North America willingly and immediately or stand trial on charges of treason and sedition with a punitive mechanism of death. (considering that most muslims, like Ibrahim Hooper and Nihad Awad, consider themselves at war with infidels, they can scarcely be heard to complain about the standard penalty for treason in time of war).

    The majority of administrators and faculty at most North American universities and colleges need suffer the same fate. The avocation, creation and support of islamic groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, PlO and the student groups MSU and the MSA, whose stated goal is the domination or destruction of the West, is no different than placing an explosive charge themselves…treason and sedition are commonplace at most institutions of higher learning….its time to clean house.

    There are hundreds of millions of square miles of rugged wilderness in northern Canada in which to build prison facilities. Rest assured, once you place a couple of hundred professors in rigorous work camps for conspiring to destroy Canada and America…the rest of the sneering academia will be much less inclined to support terrorists.

    (The cost of both the trial and the period of incarceration of these men and women can be funded by the same. Assets to be liquidated and all entitlement to public or private pensions rescinded…to be left penniless and unemployable upon release from a work camp is just reward for a treasonous, self righteous professor or university chancellor.)

    Mainstream media need suffer the same fate as treasonous professors. The socialist liberal left-wing manipulation of reality and fact by mainstream media is in and of itself an act of treason. It must be stopped.

    Legislation needs to be enacted in order for islam, in any form, to be outlawed at every level in North America with severe and crippling penalties for breaking the same. These laws need effect the municipal, provincial, state and federal levels with further bans on sharia law in our courts and quasi-judicial organizations. (This is what General McArthur did to the religion of Shinto in post-war Japan…it worked beautifully)

    The building of mosques needs to be immediately stopped. The reality is that the vast majority of these mosques are planning and revenue generating centers for the funding and administration of jihadist groups or others working to destroy North America from within. All mosques currently standing need suffer a withering examination for the connection of anyone of the members, in any form whatsoever, to islamists or jihadists. Once established the offending mosque should be immediately razed.

    On an international level, the Nato forces need to start getting serious about their work. Assets need to be frozen. Programs of extraordinary rendition and kill-capture need to be ramped up 200 percent. Placing the fear of God in the tiny little hearts and minds of those who have laughed in our faces and driven daggers into our backs can not come a moment too soon.

    Of course one of the greatest impediments to all of this is a treasonous president. Hussein Obama is the physical manifestation of the words cowardice and treason. The White House is corrupted with the Muslim Brotherhood and at the heart of every one of Hussein’s acts as a president can be found a seething hatred for America and infidel Americans…..his removal from the White House can not come a moment too soon.

    That will do for starters…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada