Michelle Obama All This Just For A Flag? Best Quote Response

Best quote about Michelle Obama. First, the rest of the story. Yesterday there was a video making the rounds of Michelle and Barack Obama at the 9/11/11 ceremony at Ground Zero. MO is leaning over to BO and saying something. The consensus of some, is that as she watched a flag folding ceremony, she said to her husband, “all this just for a flag.” You have to attempt to read her lips, and I can’t do that, but it does appear she is saying something about the American flag, and her comment is accompanied with shaking her head side-to-side and an eye-blink reminiscent of an eye-roll – an obvious sign of feeling derogatory about something. So after James Robbins at the Washington Times discusses the meaning of the flag, here is what he had to say. SEE AN UPDATE BELOW.

Michelle Obama - Before

Perhaps Mrs. Obama thinks that all the pomp and circumstance she experiences in her daily life has something to do with her, rather than the unofficial office she holds.

If so she should disabuse herself of that notion quickly. The official gestures of respect shown to her are the same shown to any First Lady, and if she wasn’t married to the president she would be just another citizen. Washington Times


Michelle Obama - After

It’s worth asking why she is speaking during the ceremonial folding. She was never proud of this country in her adult life, until her husband was running for the office of President. He hadn’t won the race yet, but both “she and he” were garnering plenty of press and applause. Time to be proud…finally. See the video of the perhaps “flag” comment here.  

9-15-11 UPDATE: ChicagoRay just sent a link to The Blaze with Glenn Beck and his crew talking about the video this morning. Beck thinks Michelle is saying something derogatory, but an intern on his show is deaf and reads lips. He believes she is saying “Look how they fold that flag.” I can see the word “that” as being a part of what she says, and if that is what she is saying, the head-shaking takes on a different tone. The intern also allowed that perhaps the word “damn” would have been in her comment, although he thought there was only a slight chance of that.

Another thanks to Chicago Ray for the tip: Ray at Facebook, Ray at Twitter

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  • I’m not good at reading lips, so I’m not sure if that is what she says or not. But there is no question WHATEVER she said was said at the wrong time and was somehow derogatory, as was Barack’s evil grin. No doubt they hate this country

    • Debbie, yes whatever she said she was irritated or amazed at, and it was “derogatory.”

    • lg

      Is it possible that she was saying something about how badly that flag was tattered? I mean come on, she has to know that the eyes of the entire country are upon her and her husband–I really don’t think she would say something so derogatory in such an emotionally-charged public gathering. Just my thoughts, and just so you know, I am a conservative Republican.

      • lg, I may be wrong about this, but if this is the flag that was so badly tattered and that has gotten all the attention, I believe it was sent around the country and was sewn back together using remnants of other flags.

        I admit it is brutal to believe she might say “all this for a flag,” but to me, it isn’t surprising, if true. She certainly should know better, and she shouldn’t have been saying anything at that solemn time, and yes, she should know all eyes are upon her.

        I also would not believe her husband would never say a word to Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. about calling us what he called us. So many things I would not believe, if I didn’t know them to be true.

        I don’t know this to be true, but I suspect someone will use an expert and figure it out, and if she did say it, no one will believe it.

        I think the head-shake was very telling.

        I appreciate your coming by and adding to the conversation.

  • She’d be just another liberal black shrew..

    • KarenO, she certainly sounds like a shrew often. She doesn’t like anything regular Americans like.

  • A lipreader said that she was saying “Are they folding the flag.” And Obama was annoyed with her for speaking. I think the Obama’s marriage is on the ropes.

    • If that’s the case, she didn’t see what was going on, and had been going, right in front of her. He didn’t look “annoyed” to me. I’d check the lip reader’s union card.

  • It was nearly impossible to read anymore other than “for a flag”. I read lips well and that is what I saw. I intend to try to slow the video down so I can get a better grasp of what was partially blocked.

    • ticker, if you figure it out, let us know. The word ‘flag’ seemed clear to me, and “for a flag” likely.

  • OH. MY. GOSH!!! Will you get a load of her thighs in the “after” pic.

    • She is one big unproud American woman.

  • Judy


    I just sent the video to my niece. Her daughter is deaf and reads lips.
    I don’t know if she will ask her. If I hear back, I will let you know.

    • Judy, great idea. Please do let me know.

  • Well for a woman who was never proud of her country till just recently.. or at least that’s what she claimed, why should this embarassment of a first lady’s comment be so surprising… Never mind her embarassment of a husband’s agreement to the comment. I’m not surprised. That’s why we need to show them both the door.
    Here’s a 26 minute black and white film on the history of the the American Flag (worth watching)

    • I guess I wanted the bad to be the case.. but I’m humbled by my first impressions and a rush to judge.. need to re-check that part of me.. 🙁

    • LL

      i think being “proud” of one’s country, and loving your country are completely different things as well…can’t say i’m too “proud” of some of the things our country has done either…i still love my country and will always consider myself a proud american (even though i’m living overseas…kinda puts things in a different perspective too).

  • Everyone, I just posted an update. An intern on Glenn Beck’s radio show is deaf and he reads lips. He thinks she said “Look how they fold that flag.” I can see the possibility of “that” on the video, now that I’m looking. Beck thinks he sees the word “damn” and the intern says there is a slight chance of that word. If she said “Look how they fold that flag,” the head shake takes on a different tone. Just an FYI

  • LE

    i can’t make out the first part, but after watching this video several times i think she’s saying something like, “[isn’t it something how] they unfurl that flag”…nothing disrespectful imo.

    if folks think 9/11 was so solumn an occasion why all the nit-picking over this video anyway.

    • LE

      watched it one more time,,,think the first word is actually “incredible”

  • The essence of American patriotism is precisely that individual rights are held supreme. Nationalism leads down a slippery slope away from individual liberty, so I’m always cautious when hearing people irate over insults to flag, country, or anything else deemed symbolic of America. I love living in a country where people can criticize anything without fear of reprisal. I don’t care for BHO, MO, or anyone who makes politics a career, so I don’t care what really happened with MO’s comments, but my distaste for these political elite has nothing to do with comments made during a flag folding ceremony.

  • Loving one’s country is very much important, we have to respect each others belief. Michelle Obama as I know that she is one of a kind woman, but as I read here she act as a foolish woman, I was surprised watching at that video actually.

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  • So now we are deciding what Michelle Obama said on a video without any sound based on some lip reading interpretations? The fact that this was submitted without any sound speaks volumes about how desparate people are to portray the Obamas as ungrateful,anti-American Americans. I find that disgusting,disgraceful,and completely un-American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dkf

    Gary, You gotta be a Democrat. There are just too many things “off” about this guy. No transparency in his life, or his addmistration. Now, that’s what I find that disgusting,disgraceful,and completely un-American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Scary.