Michele Bachmann: Principles Must Change: We’re the Everybody Else Paying the Freight – Become Ownership Society, Be Proud of It

The LA Times had some fun at the expense of EVERY Republican candidate participating in the CNN/Tea Party debate last night. Their synopsis of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and her campaign shows exactly who Progressives are. Here’s how they see Bachmann, and she should be quite proud:

Michele Bachmann

LA Times:

–Michele Bachmann: The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights “and that’s it.”

Is there anything else the country needs? Everything Bachmann stands for is what we are desperate for to recover who we were intended to be, and what Conservativism is.

In this excellent moment for Bachmann, this is what she said:

The principle must change, because for years, politicians have run on the idea that government is going to buy more stuff. The federal government would be taking care of people’s prescription drugs, retirement, their health care, their housing, their food. We’re the everybody else who is paying the freight.

That’s the principle that has to change. That going forward, this isn’t going to work any more. We have to be an ownership society, where individual responsibility, personal responsibility, once again becomes the animating America principle and we can’t be ashamed of that.

This was Bachmann at her best. Wolf Blitzer couldn’t wait to get her off camera.

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Michele Bachmann on American Responsibility – We Can’t Be Ashamed (video)

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  • I thought Bachmann did very well last night. She took on Perry, Romney and Obama. wish she had Sarah Palin’s charisma.