Michele Bachmann: Palmetto Forum Michele Bachmann Video

The following video covers Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s (R-Minn) statements at the September 5th, 2011 Palmetto Freedom Forum on September 5, 2011 sponsored by Senator Jim DeMint. Bachmann is the first speaker, and so with introductions of the entire slate speaking in this forum, she is the first to speak and begins at about the 3:50 mark. No notes, no teleprompter. The following is a loose transcript of her statement with the video below.

Michele Bachmann

Each of the candidates are asked to give a three minute opening statement that does the following:

1) Define your understanding of the first principles of our Republic

2) State what you believe is the constitutional scope and roll of the federal government and the actions you would take as president to reflect that roll?

Rep. Bachmann says this election is about which view of the Constitution the people choose. [Amen to that]

She says the first thing she will ask any future political appointee in her administration is: What do you see as your roll under the Constitution?

My guiding principle will be, the government works best when it works within the limitations of the Constitution, but that it fails when it denies that principle and instead makes decisions based on political expediency.

I will understand something from Day 1 as president, that the current President of the United States has failed to demonstrate an understanding, and it’s this, when the people of the U.S. place this awesome responsibility and privilege to be the president, what they have given is the ability to act under the Constitution and not to place ones self over the Constitution.

Senator DeMint (R-SC): What are the things in Washington at the Federal level that you would downsize or eliminate, or redirect to the states? What programs do you recommend that we do without?


1) The most obvious thing is ObamaCare is unConstitutional.

2) She also says she will fix bypassing Congress with Czars.

3) The President has failed to uphold the laws of the United States by saying he will not defend the Defense of Marriage Act (which is U.S. law).

4) The President has failed to uphold current deportation laws that apply to deportation.

5) With spending, we are spending far in excess of what we take in. Areas of government I include, the Department of Education, because the Constitution does not specifically enumerate, nor does it give to the Federal government, the role and duty to superintend over education that historically has been held by the parents, by local communities and state governments. Since the late 70’s the Department of Education has eviscerated the constitutional understanding that the control of education truly lies with the parents. That’s just one example.

DeMint: What is your Jobs program?


1) I believe in profit, that it’s a good thing and I encourage it in this country. As president, today I would offer to the U.S. Congress, the earnings that are accrued by U.S. companies earned overseas, be brought into the U.S. with a zero percent rate on repatriation. Part of the problem has been that $1.2 Trillion worth of earnings are staying overseas. This is real capital that belongs to American companies that wouldn’t have to be borrowed at taxpayer expense, nor would it have to be paid back, nor would we have to pay interest on the earnings. It would come into the U.S. as a $1.2 Trillion capital infusion and that would create American jobs.

2) What we need are private directed solutions (not government directed), and permanent solutions rather than government gimmicks. I would change corporate taxes, currently the highest in the world, down to about the 20% level. I would like to see it go lower, but immediately we could bring it down to 20%.

3) Immediately I would put a moratorium on ObamaCare, just as the President did last Friday with EPA rules. (note that during the Reagan Library debate, she said she would fully repeal ObamaCare)

DeMint: What is your position on the unionization of government workers and the influence of unions? What is your position of a national Right to Work law?

Bachmann: I support the Right to Work law, both nationally and at the state level. (She says that many businesses, including some abroad, are waiting to see what happens with Right to Work).

Rep Steve King (R-IA): Are we still the shining city on the Hill, standing strong and true on a granite ridge, that Reagan spoke of? And if so, what is at the next level of our destiny and how would you take us there?

Bachmann says we are still that city, and we are a choosing point, we see the Constitution as elastic rather than permanent. She reminds that the words are from the Biblical Book of Matthew and in a sermon by John Winthrop in 1630 who encourage fellow Pilgrams to live their lives in their new land so that there homeland would be that shining city, and if the choice is otherwise, their new Nation will become “but a byword and story in history.”

Michele Bachmann, Palmetto Freedom Forum (video)