Megyn Kelly Sarah Palin Video: Obama Plays Us for Fools

Megyn Kelly interviews Sarah Palin in the video below (sorry, the video wouldn’t stick, see the link). Palin says Obama was “bold in his request for another blank check.” More “flowery rhetoric.”  Sarah says there was no plan, nothing telling us how we will fund his “big spend.” “How is incurring more debt going to get us out of debt? He plays us for fools,” a simple fundamental truth.” “Indicative of this administration is the urgency…panic mode…never let a good crisis go to waste….trust me…pass it now.” Note, Obama said there was “nothing radical” in his Jobs Act. It’s a sad day in America when $400 BILLION+ is no longer radical after a $787 BILLION stimulus that did nothing but fund unions. The video played only a commercial so I had to remove it. View it here.

Sarah Palin


Megyn Kelly and Sarah Palin: Obama’s Jobs Speech – He plays us all for fools (video)

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