Maxine Waters: A Trillion Dollars for Jobs. James Hoffa: Jawbone Big Business

First, James Hoffa, president of the Teamsters, suggests the president begin his ‘jobs plan’ by “jawboning” big business (make them hire), and maybe come up with a WPA-like program. Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) agrees, and she wants a program of one trillion dollars or more to do it. No recognition that we simply have no money. Or Maxine could just nationalize our businesses, and Obama can do the hiring. That fits the definition of “jawboning” well.

Maxine Waters

I can’t wait for the actual request for another Stimulus. Great fodder for 2012 elections. In case you’ve forgotten about Maxine’s threat (May 2008), or just want to see the performance, here’s the video. The best part is the reactions of the people on the panel with her. Linked at The Lonely Conservative who says Maxine “one-upped James Hoffa.”

Maxine Waters Threatens Oil Industry of Nationalizing (video)

Thanks to Fox News.

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