Malik Shabazz New Black Panthers: The Hour of War is at Hand: America’s Enemies are Not His Enemies: America Declared Guilty

Malik Zulu Shabazz (left)

Will we find the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) occupying the sidewalks of Wall Street this weekend for the U.S. Day(s) of Rage (Occupy Wall Street)? In this video, NBPP Malik Zulu Shabazz, the NBPP National Chairman, tells Obama to stand up for the Black god that is in him, declares American guilty, and says “the hour of war is at hand.” See an UPDATE BELOW 10-3-11.

Are these the faces of Shabazz warriors on the streets of Philadelphia in Spring 2010? What part will others like them they play in Occupy Wall Street?

UPDATE 9-18-11: See ongoing updates of US Day of Rage and Occupy Wall Street here.

(Philly) In this March 20, 2010 photo, young people run down South Street during a flash mob incident that involved thousands and closed the street to traffic from Front Street to Broad in Philadelphia.

(Philly) "Young people fill South Street at 11:15 p.m. during a flash mob incident that involved thousands and closed the street to traffic from Front to Broad in Philadelphia on Saturday night, March 20, 2010. (Laurence Kesterson / Staff Photographer)"

Take a look at Ironic Surrealism’s post on the Faces of Rage, with many photos and I thank her for the two above.

UPDATE 10-3-11: I understand the previous video has been removed from Youtube, but you can see the replacement below. I’m told some Leftist groups have complained, and so Youtube made life easier for them. I’m checking into it and will have more if there is a story there. My apologies for the inconvenience.

New Black Panther Party Malik Shabazz (video)

Thanks to Just Piper for the video.

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  • Tea Party Voter in Fl.

    These people will never advanced. Sad…

  • Don Laird

    About 5 or 6 years ago I was up in a logging camp in northern British Columbia, Canada. I was standing around having a smoke and a coffee with a group of truckers and loggers. The conversation was remarkably intellectual and even toned.

    One of the guys remarked after several exchanges about immigration, muslims, and racial tensions, he said; In less than ten years we will see bloodshed in North America over racial, religious and immigration issues, we will see open confrontation, running gun battles, bombings, the creation of enclaves, no-go zones and general chaos and anarchy, he then went to a trailer and flipped open the lid of a box…..I was surprised and laughed it off……..

    I’m not laughing anymore.

    We have entered a serious time in North America, a turning point if you will. Europe and Britain are powder kegs just waiting for a spark.

    North America is right behind…groups like the muslims, the radical blacks, the La Raza’s, the anarchists and the Leftists have all become loosely aligned. Our border’s are under daily assault. Drug cartels control the borders with islamists coming into America through the Mexican border. Our law enforcement agencies have become impotent and treasonous.

    This has gone beyond the wildest dreams of the Conspiracy Theorists, the “Day Afters”, the Survivalists and those who sit in dark little closets with their tin foil hats pulled down tight….this ladies and gentlemen, as they say in Hollywood is…..SHOW TIME!!!!!!!

    Our cities have now begun to outline “no-go” zones. Cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami will all become virtual “no man’s land” within 2 to 3 years.

    There is a storm on the horizon and everyone knows it. Rural America knows it, city folk know it. Farmers, ranchers and hard working plain folk know it. Precious metal is being put away, medical needs put away, larders are being topped up, the powder is dry and families are pulling together. When it hits the fan…and it really will hit the fan….decent God fearing Americans will have their shit deflectors on maximum…..mark my words.

    The Obama government has, through, grossly intentional mismanagement, bankrupted the United States. Islamists within America work feverishly, killing the republic with what amounts, though constant attacks at every level including a vigorous program of “Lawfare”, a death of a thousand cuts. Globally, America is quietly and politely being handed her hat. Nations like Russia, China and India now smirk and giggle whenever the USA rattles its sword. The financial meltdown is around the corner. When it comes, when there is no more welfare, pensions or government largess to be had….the cities will implode.

    Universities, colleges, the judiciary, law enforcement and the mainstream media have all taken a position of support for muslims and the inversion of the republic of the United States of America into a boot-licking caliphate.
    Their actions, openly and without regret, are the very definition of treason and, remarkably, go unpunished.

    The leadership of the United States of America, from the president on down, is a collection of seditious and treasonous weaklings who take every opportunity to subvert and or destroy the greatest nation in the history of the world.

    I am firmly of the opinion that there are a select group of senior American military staff officers, commanding groups like the SEALS, The Delta Force and the Green Berets, who have engaged in quiet discussions, planning the removal of Obama from the White House.

    After pulling a laundry list of stunts like sending troops out into battle with unloaded weapons and the firing of one of the very best combat generals, General Stanley McChrystal I can safely say there are tens of thousands of American soldiers who are loyal to their commanders and not a treasonous president. It’s called a coup d’etat and there are many who wager Obama richly deserves nothing less.

    If this is the case….the purging of the American Congress and Senate of all the Leftists and traitors will make Stalin and Hitler’s “La nuit des longs couteaux” seem like a picnic. Universities and the media will follow….mark my words….Santa isn’t the only one who’s making a list and checking it twice.

    Charles de Gaulle learned his lesson the hard way. Politicians seem to think their grip on the Dogs of War is tenacious…not so found the treacherous de Gaulle, he betrayed the French Foreign Legion and nearly paid for that with his life.

    The United States of America is living on borrowed time.

    I used to read about the decline and fall of an empire…..I never dreamed I would witness it first hand.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Jim S

      I firmly back any Coup d’etat. Let that treasonous N**** burn. Make it a reality TV show for all I’m concerned! Hoo rah!

      • Jim S

        And whle they’re at it, delete, remove, defame, whatever, to ban Political Correctness! This crap is for the corrupt politicians gain, only!

        • Ran

          With respect, Maggie, it would be better to ban this unhinged, racist POS troll called “Jim S.” I use comment mod and then erase the trolls. They give up rather quickly – the smarter ones, at least.

          Look, Shabazz and his crew understand that their’s is not the future. They may end-up hurting a lot of innocent people in the short-run, but there is no “win” strategy for them.

          Our Re-volution began under Reagan. This one needs no war, no coup, no blood. It needs only prayers and thanks to G-d and then bringing our neighbors to the pols.


          • Don Laird

            Ran…..why oh why ban Ran???

            No need to ban….get ’em out into the open where you can see them and keep an eye on ’em….

            Please do me a favour…….its God… Jesus and Mary….God will do nicely.

            Regards, Don Laird
            Edson, Alberta, Canada

            • Ran

              Don, you raise a good point. It’s a tough call: When we show tolerance for such trolls, even when we reply with rejection, we are blamed by the left for having “our puppets” say what “we really wanted to say all along” and such rot.

              BTW, the old route (14?) from Cochrane to Banff is I think one of the most beautiful routes in all the world. It follows the river fairly close through the foothills and then emerges square against a visto of the Rockies that takes the breath away.

  • The Day of Rage came, and guess what? Nobody showed up. In NYC only 50 people showed up, yet the NYPD planned and paid for thousands (they should sue these idiots).

    Malik Zulu Shabazz has no real following, no real organization. What he has is a big mouth.

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  • John

    Hmmm…video removed by YouTube, which has been sucking up to Obama. Surprised??