Latest Sarah Palin Outrage: Greta Calls Tucker Carlson a Pig Video

This story is so rude and crude that it needs someone besides me to put it into words and expose the ignorant, ugly and hideous among us who will do anything to denigrate Sarah Palin. If this isn’t the worst of the worst from a certified heathen – a raping, wife-beater, and hyped by The Daily Caller, I hope I never see the worse, since I don’t search porn sites for my news. Read the story at Dan Riehl, (who is being threatened with a lawsuit, follow the links, and then hit the shower.  Really, we have to know this stuff is going on – we have to talk about it. The video below is Greta Van Susteran’s shaming of Tucker Carlson of The Daily Caller. You’ll get a good idea what’s going on, then read the appalling details at Dan’s (linked above).

Tucker Carlson

Great Van Susteran and Tucker Carlson: Sarah Palin (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Tucker was busted…called on it and he is denying it….what scum.

  • Greta Van Susteran is a very ethical journalist and I admire her greatly. Tucker Carlson is a jerk. Thanks for posting this.

  • Carol Boh

    After reading the article I have changed my mind. What is your issue, Tucker simply quoted Tyson’s vile, violent comments which I might add, obviously had the impact he was looking for. I do remember your softball interview with Tyson, and at the time, I was wondering why you were apparently trying to rehabilitate his image. I commend Tucker for having the guts to give us glimpse into his vile, violent, and yes, racist mind. That is what you should have had a problem with. This is not about Sarah Palin, Tucker, or women in general. It is about an unrepentant racist rapist. You need to do some soul searching.

    • Carol Boh, My issue is that The Daily Caller, who I have often quoted, chose to print the smuttiest of quotes about Sarah Palin without any verification at all. If all “journalists” followed this model, the media would be worse than they already are (if possible).

      Carlson/Jeff Poor wasn’t interviewing Tyson, he was quoting the cretin without a word of caution to the reader. Without a question about Glen Rice. He gave Tyson the podium. You do understand that Carlson’s caution came after the pot boiled over? And in that later-added-disclaimer, tried to make the point that only they would show Tyson for what he is. But…but, you wouldn’t have had a sense of any of that, reading before the disclaimer went up.

      Believe me, this IS about Sarah Palin. Tyson specifically targeted her, and The Daily Caller helped him do it.

  • I watched this last night. Carlson was evading the questions. Refusing to answer the questions and attacking Greta. Greta should have just cut his mike off.

  • I really can’t understand Carlson, the rest of the DC staff and other journalists (like Mediates – Frances Martel) on this. They are acting like Alinsky acolytes.

    As I stated on my blog: Carlson claims they were reporting ‘news’. When is news:
    A Depraved Convicted Rapist COMMENTING on an issue pornographically in which he has no relationship with any of the parties nor can he verify or disprove any of the facts of the underlying story.

    The ONLY reason to carry this article (with video no less) and use the worst slander possible on a professional woman who has done NOTHING to bring such attention (like Rep. Weiner) is to be salicious.

    Carlson’s previous MILF comment proves that he has thoughts roaming around in his mind that are immature and that objectify women.

    I don’t see any room to say the original ‘article’ sans Carlson editorial was journalism either in definition or form. There would have been an honorable way to cover the charge – with a warning on the link for people to see the underlying filth to accomplish it’s ‘coverage’ if they felt it warranted it.

    I’m not sure which is worse. A major journalist who is deaf and blind to his sexist and demeaning thoughts bleeding into his work, or one who – after the fact – DID see it, but continues to allow Ms. Palin to be mocked and belittled by a self admitted thug for advertising traffic.

    I’m repulsed by Tyson, the article, Carlson’s response and those that would defend this in our culture.

    But that’s just me.

  • tony_k

    geez, Carlson point is that if Tyson said this about Hillary or Michelle or one of the other MSM golden girls, it would be roundly denounced. Since he said it about Palin, no problem.

    oooh, he also he typed the word MILF once. Unbunch your panties and relax, ladies.

    • So from your response I take it you haven’t actually FOLLOWED the story. or these posts. Carlson is claiming he posted it as a “news article” but THERE IS NO NEWS – only rumor and gossip by someone who has no credibility or part of the story.

      The original article was posted without ANY comment by Carlson. That was only posted long after Daily Caller started to get heat for it.

      Why do you hate women so much? Or can we call your mom all kinds of vulgar things and you’d be cool with that?

    • tony_k – not that wasn’t Carlson or Poor’s point, until they were in trouble. As to the MILF – childish – trying to be cool with who knows who. That would be very few of his regular readers. Maybe YOUR undies have cut off the oxygen?

  • tony_k

    “why do I hate women so much” seriously, that’s your takeaway?

    the news was that Tyson made these comments on ESPN radio and no MSM outlets reacted to it. What’s the “rumor and gossip” if he (Carlson) posted without comment? Do you really believe his motive was to bash Palin, to somehow second Tyson’s crudity and stupidity?

  • Carlson’s blog previously started out with, “While you were showering and shaving, we were…” I got the picture. The macho men were out finding the macho stories…like this one apparently.