Justen Charters Duke Stroll: Facebook Page Asks for Feces Mailed to Tea Partier Justen Charters

Justen Charter’s address has been posted on a Facebook page along with requests for to mail “feces” to the home of Justen Charters, a young Conservative. The time period to do your mailing is through December 31, 2011. The location: “From your colon to Justen’s mailbox.” Do it for America say FB page creater Duke Stroll. This is possibly dangerous. Postal workers will have to deal with poop in the mail, and Mr. Charters will have to scald his mailbox. I think the National Institutes of Health should get into this one-sided fracas. Or the local sheriff. Surely there are public endangerment laws, and laws of decency that can kick-in.

Justen Charters

But Justen isn’t completely innocent. Stroll compares Justen’s campaign, after Hoffa said Tea Partiers were “Sons of Bitches” to mail used tea bags to Teamsters (Justen’s page) to his own request for mailing feces, saying Justen’s page “inspired” him. Really, there’s no comparison…because there’s no…feces on tea bags, and none would be expected.

The lesson: NEVER ask anyone to mail anything to anyone through a Facebook page.

Justen is about 24 years old and David Limbaugh has tweeted about one of his videos. I think it’s the first one you can view below. The second is more my style.  Visit his video channel, Dear Citizen, here, and click the subscribe button. May be that Justen finds many new fans, courtesy of Mr. Stroll.

There is nothing on Stroll’s page that ties him to the Teamsters, that I can see, but it’s likely there is a connection. Read the comments. Interesting. Not much love for Stroll. Maybe because, as one of the commenters says, the page needs to be reported for “illegal activity.” Thanks to Dana Loesch at Big Government

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