Jude Kenan Mohammad: Terror Plot Suspect – PHOTO: Jude Kenan Mohammad aka Jawad Khan Afridi

According to an FBI Ten Most Wanted poster, American-born, Jude Kenan Mohammad 22, (alias Jawad Khan Afridi), is suspected of being one of three men planning an attack on New York City or Washington, D.C. over the Tenth Anniversary weekend of 9/1//01 remembrances. There is a world-wide manhunt in the Free World for Jude Kenan (may be Keenan) Mohammad. He speaks English, and at one time, spoke very limited Pashtun. See a current and very interesting video below. I’ll have continuous updates as information becomes available.

Jude Kenan Mohammad

Three men are suspecting of traveling to the U.S. from Pakistan mid-August 2011. Whether Jude Mohammad is one of the three, I don’t know, but it appears likely. Get the details here.

The Daily Mail:

He has been linked to what officials have called a credible but unconfirmed al-Qaeda threat to set off a car bomb on bridges or tunnels in New York City or Washington.

Mohammad is among three al-Qaeda leaders that investigators believe pose a particular threat because they have lived in the U.S.

Should that mission prove impossible, the attackers have been told to simply cause as much destruction as they can.

Mohammad, who was born in Florida, dropped out of North Carolina’s Fuquay-Varina High School in 2006 and left the U.S. two years later to visit Pakistan, his father’s homeland.

A federal grand jury in North Carolina indicted him and seven other men in 2009 on charges that they conspired to carry out terrorist activities around the world. Two of the men have pleaded guilty, and the trial of four others is set for September 19 in New Bern.

Federal authorities have never arrested Mohammad in the case, saying that they believe he has been in Pakistan since the indictment was issued.

Rusty at the JAWA Report wrote about Jude Kenan Mohammad in 2009 in an article titled “Eighth Traitor on the Lam in Pakistan. Read it here. 

In an article today, the Wall Street Journals mentions Jude Kenan Mohammad as helping recruit “five Alexandria, Virginia men.” In the same paragraph:

Three other current al Qaeda leaders also are believed to present a particular threat to the U.S. because they have lived here in the past. They are Adnan el Shukrijumah, who is alleged to have been involved in the 2009 New York subway bomb plot; Jude Kenan Mohammad, an American alleged to have helped recruit five Alexandria, Va., men; and Adam Gadhan, an American who serves as an al Qaeda spokesman.

From the FBI poster (view it here):


Jude Keenan Mohammad, Jawad Khan Afridi


Date(s) of Birth Used:

November 4, 1988

Place of Birth:



5’6″ (172.5 cm)


160 pounds (72.5 kg)














The following video is from ABC and Triangle Terrorism Takedown, a part of the plot lead by Americans Daniel, Dylan and Zakariya Boyd (father and sons), ringleaders. Read that story here.

Thanks to Always on Watch who alerted to the lookout for Jude Mohammad, 1389Blog and The JAWA Report, who has more. Please share the information and photo.

Jude Kenan Mohammad (video)

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