Jan Schakowsky Tyler Hinsley: You Don’t Deserve to Keep Your Money Video

Remember 17-year-old Tyler Hinsley who at the CNN/Tea Party debate asked: of every dollar I earn, how much do I deserve to keep? Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s (D-IL) had an answer to that question when pushed, and as usual it was a dishonest and condescending answer:

Jan Schakowsky

…you don’t deserve to keep all of it. ~ Jan Schakowsky

There was no suggestion, either from Tyler Hinsley or from whomever is interviewing Schakowsky in the video below, that we should not pay taxes.

She pays 35%, she says, and would be happy to pay more, but doesn’t. Her plan: if you make $1Million you should pay 45%. If you make more than $1M you should pay 49%. Read the Tyler Hinsley story here. Thanks to Arlen Williams at Gulag Bound.

Linked by Tucker Scofield at The D. C. Post who has some opinions about Schakowsky.

Jan Schakowsky: “You Don’t Deserve to Keep” Your Money (video)

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • The truth is that people paying today at the 35% Federal Income Tax level are actually paying between 48 and 54% in total annual taxes, depending on where they live.

    What people that talk economics and tax policy out of their hats, like this Congress woman, don’t realize is that when people pay more than 35-40 cents on the dollar that they earn, their total contributions start to diminish mysteriously. I can Explain the mystery but they wouldn’t understand.

    • John Galt, yes, it’s appalling that people care so little about what the government takes from them, and even less as it is taken as we go about our business everyday. I’d love for people to kick the gas pump everytime they fill up for what portion of their $3+ goes to the feds.

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  • These people are simply unreal Maggie. They want it all. They want to control it all. These people need to be voted out of office because their policies are horrible for the country.

  • Deserve?? DESERVE??? I DESERVE to keep what I EARN!!!

    She would be happy to pay more? Oh Raleigh?? Then why doesn’t she send a contribution to the Treasury? What is stopping her??

    • LC Aggie Sith, none of them pay more. They could so easily do so – not a one does. It’s hilarious. They are such hypocrites.

  • Maybe instead of increasing taxes on anyone, this Representative should start thinking of living within government’s means. I have to when my cash flow is non-existent.. like over the past three years…. I can’t print my own money and I can’t steal money from those who do have.. I have to think more conservatively, and learn to enjoy life with less.

    • David, these people don’t have to think at all. They feed on the power to buy their voters. I despair that it will ever change, no matter who is in office.

      • I know.. but we can make a difference by keeping up pressure on our employees…

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  • Don’t deserve? And just who the hell says that the government DESERVES to steal my hard earned money to give to some lazy assed non-producer, to spend it on such crap as green weenie energy companies that were unstable, to spend it on keeping a bunch of illegals in this country that need to have their butts shipped out in boxcars back across the border and shot if they come back any way other than the way the constitution says they can.

    And to think fools elect socialist like her to office over and over.