IHOP Carson City Shootings

Reports of 7 or 8 shot inside a Carson City, Nevada IHOP (International House of Pancakes). A life-flight helicopter is reported on the scene by Fox News, along with a report of a semi-automatic rifle used inside the restaurant. See ongoing UPDATES BELOW. I will continue to update as news becomes available. UPDATE: The killer has been identified, read full details here, and a few below.

Carson City, Nevada IHOP

I assume the photo above is the place where these shootings have occurred, as I can find only one location for an IHOP in Carson City: 3883 South Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada.

UPDATE 10:00pm CDT: The shooter has been identified as Eduardo Sencion. Five National Guardsmen were shot, two of the murdered. Read the update on the shooter here.

UPDATE 3:15pm CDT: Now confirmed that the shooter has died. Also confirmed that two uniformed National Guard members are dead, one male and one female, along with one other dead, making the death toll so far 3 excluding the shooter. It is not know whether the National Guard members were specifically targeted.

The shooter has not been identified and there is no word about the blue minivan he reportedly arrived in. Bullets from the shooters gun also hit Locals Barbecue and H&R Block. After the gunman exited IHOP he saw Ralph Swagler and his son Ryan standing in the Locals window. Ryan said there are bullets all over the restaurant, taking out window and hitting walls.

UPDATE 1:15pm CDT: Reports that 2 and maybe 3 National Guard members have been wounded or killed. NEW: The shooter is now reported to be “still breathing,” but is not expected to live – this according to the Sheriff’s office.

UPDATE 12:52pm CDT: The Reno Gazette, which is on the scene is reporting three people have died, but it is not clear whether the shooter is counted in that number.

Four victims have been transported to Carson-Tahoe Hospital in Carson City. Three of them are in surgery.

Four victims were transported to Renown Regional Medical Center, two in critical condition and two with less-serious injuries.

UPDATE 12:52pm CDT: ABC is reporting two dead, after shooting 8, excluding himself. Says the shooter was dead at the scene. Seven reportedly in surgery. This report conflicts with some other reports. Also says the shooter may have been an ex-employee of this IHOP.

When the shooter came out of the IHOP, he fired at the owner of a barbecue restaurant (perhaps the eyewitness mentioned below). Seven victims, there was one body covered on the grass at one point. No other details on the victims.

UPDATE 12:27pm CDT: According to an eyewitness (heard on Fox) a man got out of a blue mini van and shot a man on a motorcycle. Walked into the IHOP and began shooting. Walked outside. Continued firing. Shots may have hit the Fandango Casino across the street from the IHOP. The gunman turned the gun on himself.

UPDATE 12:24pm CDT: The IHOP shown above has been confirmed to be the place of the shootings. The restaurant is located about 2 miles from the State Capitol.

UPDATE 12:15pm CDT: Fox is reporting now that 5 people were shot, at least 4 in critical condition. The fire department is still saying 7 people were shot. Chaplains have been sent to hospitals. The sheriff is saying the shooter is alive, is wounded and has been sent to the hospital. The spokesman for the sheriff’s office reportedly said, the shooter “is probably going to die” (Megyn Kelly Fox News)

UPDATE: 12:11pm CDT: The Reno Gazette has ongoing updates. By 9:24 am helicopters had been summoned (presumably life flights). The article says the “shooter is reportedly down,” no known motive. By 9:40 am “Dozens of emergency vehicles” at scene. At 9:45 am the first victim was loaded onto a helicopter.

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