Herman Cain Sings God Bless American: 9/11 Remembrance

Great American and presidential candidate, Herman Cain, sings God Bless America in a moving September 11, 2001 remembrance. Please see a list of other remembrances below the video, including one for Laurie Ann Neira and Robin Kaplan, both of whom died aboard American Airlines Flight 11. FYI, the most powerful video remembrances of 9/11/01, available only for a short time, is Forever Changed.

Herman Cain, God Bless America (video)

Remembering September 11, 2001:

Project 2996: Robin Kaplan Remembrance – American Airlines Flight 11

Project 2996: Laurie Ann Neira Remembrance – American Airlines Flight 11

Linked at Reaganite Republican with other 9/11 remembrances.

The Other McCain tells us there is a controversy about this Herman Cain video. Read it here.

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  • Moving. As someone who used to be able to sing when he was younger, and now can’t hold a note… Man what control. Great video. Great message.

  • Bravo, Herman Cain! Bravo, America!

  • That was great Maggie. Thanks for helping the nation to remember.