Gary Johnson Rush Limbaugh: My Dog Creates More Shovel Ready Jobs Than Obama

Yesterday, the day of the Fox-Google GOP debate, Rush Limbaugh had a great line on his show, saying that his dogs, and especially his new puppy created more shovel-ready jobs in one week than Obama has created in his time in office. Presidential candidate, and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson quipped about the same in last night’s debate, and it brought the house down. It was a good line, both times. As someone tweeted to me, “at least Johnson listens to Rush.” See the video for both Rush and Johnson side-by-side.

Gary Johnson

From Rush:

“My dogs have created more shovel-ready work than Obama has just this week alone,” Limbaugh said. “The new puppy. Honest to God. More shovel-ready work for me this week than Obama has created all two and a half years.”

Rush Limbaugh and Gary Johnson: Dogs Create More Shovel Ready Jobs than Obama (video)

Thanks to RightScoop for the great video!

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  • Gary Johnson should have given credit to Rush for the line.
    Which brings me to his mistake of taking seriously the pre-selection of a vice-president (specially with Ron Paul, who didn’t return the favor).
    Herman Cain was smarter and took it as a “game” and responded accordingly.

  • Ran

    It was a great line – BUT – I got the impression that Johnson is not ready to be CinC. Power is one of those things many libertarians don’t understand.

    (My old line was more caustic, BTW: When Obama said he’d create “shovel ready jobs” my line was “Um… I’d rather he just wear Depends.” Whatever.)

  • The only shovel ready job this administration has done is the one that’s burying the economy.

  • Aram

    If elected RON PAUL will be the best president US ever have

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  • Rush Lover

    Rush Limbaugh is soooo hot!!!! Super Sexy Rush gives me a big boner! Mmmm…..RUSH!!!

  • I am not a fan of Gary Johnson but that line at the debate was awesome! Rush is glad that someone copied his line.

  • Sheryl

    Maybe they saw one of the zillions of pics of my dog Buoy wearing a “I create two shovel-ready projects/day” at the 2009 Tea Party in DC. Or it could have been my dog Moura who wore the same shirt at the 2010 Tea party in DC. In 2009 I counted over 200 pictures taken of Buoy in just over 20 minutes. It was quite enjoyable walking thru the crowds. Everywhere I went people were laughing.