Fox-Google GOP Debate Live Blogging

Live blogging the GOP Fox-Google Debate. All italics are my comments.

Fox Google Debate

Rick Santorum: Will support no public unions for the purpose of wages and benefits to be negotiated.

Newt Gingrich: Fundamentally wrong to receive 99 weeks of unemployment and do nothing. “People should not get money for doing nothing.

Jon Huntsman: Saying nothing – can’t bring people together until the economy is fixed. We have learned that subsidies do not work. We can work toward alternative energy, but we need a bridge to get there.

Ron Paul says he will veto any legislation that violates the 10th Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. ~ 10th Amendment

Herman Cain: About your 9-9-9 plan: 9% flat corporate tax, 9% income tax and a new 9% national tax: will treat all business the same, will help small businesses.

Johnson: Brings a unique perspective. One man handyman business and grew it to 1,000. Promises to have a balanced budget for Congress in 2013. Says he vetoed more bills than all the other governors put together. Promises to  throw out federal income tax and replace it with the Fair Tax. YAY!

Perry: Wants an option for Social Security or private management. That’s the correct stance, in my opinion.

Romney: Blah Blah Blah on Perry and Social Security.

Huntsman quoting Reagan.

Cain: If forced to eliminate one federal department, he would eliminate the EPA. YAY! A regulation to regulate dust, has gone too far.

Newt: He’s brilliant. Too bad he loves reaching across the aisle and hawking books to Liberals.

Johnson: Question: Administrators more focused on federal mandates and teachers forced to teach a one-size fits all curriculum. What would you do? He promises the abolishment of the Department of Education.

Santorum: The Department of Education does not serve the customer. The customer is the parent, who has the job of seeing to it that their children are educated.

Newt: Profound change in education at the local level. Pell grants for K-12 so that parents can choose who educates their children.

Paul: Get government out of education. Drop No Child Left Behind. Parents should a right to opt out of the public education program.

Perry: Advocates school choice, and he’s hitting Romney for being in favor of Obama’s Race to the Top program.

Romney: Romney – small classes should not be a priority, and school choice is a must. Denies that he supports Obama’s Race to the Top.

Bachmann: Will pass the Mother of all Education Bills. Will turn out the lights and lock the doors at the Dept. of Education. YAY!

Bachmann: Immigration: Would you support each state enforcing immigration laws since government does not, and how do you square it with Feds having the right to enforce immigration? Bachmann says she would uphold the sovereignty of the U.S.,  build a fence on every inch, every mile along the border and enforce laws with ICE. No tax funded benefits for illegal aliens or their parents! YAY!

Newt: Wants to update Visa program to make it easier for visitors to come into the country to visit family. How would he monitor those visas and know that each visa departs with the person who holds it – on time.

Romney hitting Perry on in-state tuition for illegals in Texas. Wants a fence. Crack down on employers hiring, and turn off the magnet for benefits for illegals.

Perry: Question: You have not tried to stop the illegals from coming into Texas. What are you going to do to stop the abuse of Texans by illegals? Perry: no one on the stage has spent more time on border security than me [Perry]. Spent $400 million on border security. THINK OF THE FENCE YOU COULD BUILD FOR $400 MILLION, AND THE PEOPLE YOU COULD PUT TO WORK. Perry is on the record being against a border fence.

Santorum: Says Perry is soft on immigration. Said Perry once suggested buying national health insurance between Mexico and the US.

Perry: Have to have boots on the ground and aviation assets, and we will stop the cartels and make the border safe.

Paul: Doesn’t want a fence. This past week he cautioned about building a fence because it might be used against us one day. Ridiculous!

Romney: Not an inch of space exists between the US and Israel.

Cain: Where do you stand on Palestinian statehood? He quotes Reagan: peace through strength. Mess with Israel and you mess with the U.S., but says Israel is not clear on the U.S. position.

Newt: Question: We spend billions overseas to countries who hate us. Newt says all aide should be reviewed, and we should give anything to anyone not an ally. Pakistan: this world is in danger of becoming dramatically more dangerous in the near future.

Johnson: We are borrowing 43 cents out of every dollar to send foreign aide across the globe.

Huntsman: Bring troops home from Aghanistan.

Bachmann: Asked: you once said public schools are teaching Separation of Church and State, and that is a myth. Answer: the fundamental of separation of church and state only means the US will never establish a religion. YAY! She is exactly right.

Santorum: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Sexual preference should not be an issue, and there should be no discussion of heterosexual or homosexual. Keep it out of military policy.

Paul: Believes in sanctity of life, but believes a woman should have the right to choose after rape, and he believes in the morning after pill. He says the law cannot solve every problem, and some things must be resolved by individual moral conviction. I agree with this. 

Top voted question of the debate: Young man has a chronic health issue and now can stay on his parent’s insurance, and he needs no restrictions on pre-existing conditions.

Huntsman: ObamaCare is creating doubt in the marketplace. The state’s should discover their own way in the marketplace.

Perry on Gardisil: maintains he erred on the side of life and said he doesn’t get what parents do not understand about Opt-Out. Does he understand what parents don’t opt-in for, like seeing that that their children do their home, work at learning and get a good lunch?

Newt talking about election night, when Barack Obama loses decisively.

Asked who on the stage they would pick for Vice President. Newt refused. Paul refused. Santorum picked Newt. Cain would pick Romney if he throws out his health care plan and adopts 9-9-9, but if not, he picks Newt. Can’t believe that. Romney? Huntsman picks Cain.

Romney denies that he said Perry was unelectable.

Bachmann says we do not have to “settle,” even though we are told we must. We must choose a candidate who is a conservative, and a constitutional conservative.

Debate has ended.

Either Johnson plagerized Rush’s comment today about his dog creating more shovel ready jobs than Obama, or Obama plagerized Johnson. Doesn’t matter, it’s a funny line.

Wow! Frank Luntz polling. A room full of people who switched to Romney. The majority thought Romney won, was Reaganesque. Perry wobbled.

Luntz Group: Doesn’t like Perry’s subsidizing illegals, and particulary the comment that not doing so would mean having no heart. It’s about giving illegals benefits before giving Americans benefits.

Luntz Group: Newt picked up some following tonight.

Romney with Hannity: Hannity telling him he overwhelmingly won the debate tonight (according to viewers)