FedEx Drivers are Not Teamsters: UPS Drivers ARE Teamsters

Just a little tip for the day, thanks to G.M. Roper at G.M’s Place. I found this on his Facebook wall. “Remember, UPS hires Teamsters drivers, FedEx doesn’t.” The holidays are coming. Ship your packages by FedEx. Not only are you not supporting the Teamsters Union but your packages are far more likely to arrive on time and undamaged. G.M. has an interesting article on “rewarding students” with prizes paid for with taxpayer funds. Pass it along. These are things we need to know.

  • Thank you, Maggie. I’ll be a Fed-Ex gal from here on out.

    • Ima, thank you coming by. I’ve always felt FedEx did a better job, and I usually use them when possible. The Postal Service flat-rate boxes though, have turned my head a few times, but not in the future.

  • Son-in-law works for UPS. He tells horror stories of conditions, of workers, of the union. Would quit but UPS pays well.

    • findalis, maybe he can get on with FedEx. I would think they pay as well, but then maybe not since they are union.

  • Maggie … I have a son-in-law who drives for UPS. He didn’t belong to any union when he hired in. As far as I know they don’t hire Teamster drivers … they become Teamsters because UPS is a union shop and are represented by the Teamster Union. America was built by the blood, sweat and tears of union workers of which I was one for 44 years.

    It’s the Government workers with the big union contracts paid for by tax dollars, not company profits that have ruined the unions today.

    • Carl, thanks for clearing that up – they hire non-union, and then are required to join Teamsters, if I understand you correctly. In my opinion, it is not just the Government workers that are the problem here. Public unions have grossly mismanaged the money of their workers, are defaulting on retirement unless the taxpayer bails them out, and as I said here earlier, they are simply Democrat operatives and bullies. That’s my opinion 🙂 and you know I always have one.

      The very idea of a union is not as it was when you first became a union member. The leaders are to blame for the power they have garnered, and with that power has come a lot of ugliness.

  • nancy sullivan

    I am a retired member of the UFT, my husband is retired from NYCPBA, my son worked for years under Union 32-bj but now he works at FEDEX…we are DISGUSTED with unions. They once had purpose but have lost their way in the political spectrum. SHAME!

    • Nancy Sullivan, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I agree that it is a shame. The purpose for the union these days is not to protect workers from bad employers, but to incite violence, and hate and elect Democrats. They are nothing but Democrat operatives these days.