Fast and Furious Quadruplets: Tampa, El Paso, New Mexico, Indiana – Phoenix

Hardcore criminals with AK-47s aren’t the only worry to descend from the Fast and Furious GunWalker operation. Grenades were also provided to Mexican cartels across the border, and complete track of them was lost, including the Grenade-Walker. Fast and Furious doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It has brothers, or maybe spawns, actually quads. Fast-and-Furious-like operations, courtesy of the administration, are in progress in Tampa, Florida working out of El Paso and Columbus, New Mexico. And another somewhere in Indiana. Even gangs are getting in on the booty.

According to reports, straw buyers were allowed to buy guns out of a gun store in Indiana even though many of the straw purchasers were felons and incapable of passing the necessary background check for gun purchases. When the owner of the store would contact the ATF to express concern over the people who were coming in to buy weapons, he was told the sales had been okayed. (Sound familiar?)

The difference between Indiana and the Fast and Furious operation in Arizona is that the weapons sold in Arizona were supposedly intended for cartel members while the weapons sold in Indiana were supposedly intended for gang members.

Good grief!

In each of my Fast and Furious reports I want to remind readers, there was nothing good about this program. It was intended to bring the axe of government down on gun sellers, to quash the Second Amendment, to tighten gun laws. Along with Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, now dead from a government weapon, let’s not forget what’s behind Fast and Furious.

Big Government has the rest of the story, including news that the Senate will enter the investigation. Maybe it should be a good thing, but the Senate is still Democrat and Fast and Furious seems to have started at the top. I have another update today on Fast and Furious. The DOJ is moving prosecutions outside of Arizona, and a third AK-47 has been implicated in a “violent” crime. Read that story here.

The Lonely Conservative linked in “Some Other News” Updates.

Graphic courtesy of New World Activist. 

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