Fast and Furious: DOJ Moves Prosecutions Out of Arizona: Third US Gun Tied to Violent Crime Identified

Reassigning ATF Directors and agents who might implicate U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) officials in the Fast and Furious GunWalking scandal doesn’t go far enough. Justice has notified Arizona that all prosecutions will be moved outside the state. Wouldn’t want angry prosecutors going up in front of a jury from a state that has been used and abused by government in an effort to trample the Second Amendment. Wouldn’t want a prosecutor, who knows all too well the streets of his state have criminals with high-powered weapons courtesy of the Department of Justice, prowling the streets where your family lives. A third AK-47 used in a “violent crime” in Maricopa County, Arizona has been identified as part of the Fast and Furious cache. We are told the crime was violent, but given no other details. More at Fox News.

The weapons were found inside a stolen truck in March 2010 after the driver slammed into two DPS vehicles while trying to evade members of the Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force, ABC 15 reports…

Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich said last week that three weapons linked to Operation Fast and Furious had been used in violent crimes in the U.S.

Michelle Malkin reported this week that emails regarding Fast and Furious were received at the White House. Both the DOJ and the White House are denying they knew the nature of F&F. Main Justice has more.

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