Fast and Furious Deaths: 3 More – Total 4: Total 8 Violent Crimes with Fast and Furious Weapons

Deaths by Fast and Furious weapons have increased by three, bringing the total to four, along with the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. The truth is, we will likely never know how many deaths or how much violence the people in possession of U.S. weapons perpetrated, with the help of the Obama administration. Note that, incredibly, the ATF has still not “conducted a comprehensive independent investigation.”

Bob Owens at Pajama’s Media lists the known restrictions the DOJ has chosen to ignore – or is desperate to ignore. Read them here. Bob Owens about those restrictions:

This extremely narrow — and self-serving — definition provided by the Department of Justice notably excludes the third rifle (and possible murder weapon) recovered at the scene of Agent Brian Terry’s death. That gun, while “walked” and used by the cartels in a violent crime, was purchased in an unnamed Texas gun-walking operation. Further, the DOJ — and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in particular — tried to make that SKS carbine  “disappear.”

The weapons used to ambush ICE agents Jaime Zapata and Victor Avila were also not included in the DOJ’s figure, as these guns were also “walked” from Texas.

So, because the weapons were “walked” from Texas, the DOJ is not considering them. Consider this: Fast and Furious-type operations have been found in Tampa, Florida, El Paso, Texas, Columbia, New Mexico and somewhere in Indiana, and the “walking” has spread to gangs, not just cartels.

In a huge “cover-your-ass” attempt, the DOJ has moved all prosecutions out of Arizona, to where, we don’t know.

Wouldn’t want angry prosecutors going up in front of a jury from a state that has been used and abused by government in an effort to trample the Second Amendment. Wouldn’t want a prosecutor, who knows all too well the streets of his state have criminals with high-powered weapons courtesy of the Department of Justice, prowling the streets where your family lives.

Quinn Hillyer at Weekly Standard says it “long past time to force mass resignation…

…the scope of the corruption is so large as to defy adequate descriptions, in a single column, of each abomination. The reality is that these Obama/Holder minions at DoJ are dangerous to the very heart of constitutional, republican (small ‘r’) government

This country has the vibe of impotence about it. The assaults on so many fronts are so egregious – and we do nothing. The truth is, we can do nothing with a Democrat Congress who demands nothing but more injustice. Thanks to Si Vis Pacem who has the most up-to-list of Fast and Furious news you will find anywhere, including the Weekly Standard article quoted above – which was No. 99 on the Si Vis Pacem update. Use this link to know everything there is no know about Fast and Furious.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Everything that Obama and his regime has done, they have purposely done to destroy our republic. It can not be said now after two and a half years that Obama just doesn’t understand…no. Far too many blatant actions and decisions have been made and acted upon by Obama to try to excuse him. He is guilty of treason, pure and simple.

  • Ran

    Honored and much thanks Maggie! (Wuz wondering about the hit surge…)

    Vibe of impotence? I see it differently. This is an adult thing: it’s a patience and discipline applied while simultaneously checking lock status.

    No, Holder and the Won are not going to get away with anything. Quinn under-states the volume and expanse of the Left’s corruption. The lid is coming off Light Squared, Solyndra, Fast & Furious, the automaker fiascos…

    …Holder will have that “race conversation” he so wants. With his cell-mates.