F-16s Scrambled Frontier Flt 623: Passengers Making out in ‘Toilet?’ – AA Flt 34: Jets Scrambled – Men in Toilet Too Long

There are two completely differing stories being reported on the September 11, 2011 Frontier Airlines Flight, either escorted to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport…or not, and an American Airlines Flight with a similar story…or not. Amid all the 9/11/01 remembrances on the Tenth Anniversary yesterday, and the heightened security that went along with it, we heard that two F-16’s were scrambled to escort Frontier Flight 623 into Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport. The Telegraph says the Flight rolled to a remote spot on the tarmac, and after about thirty minutes, police SWAT boarded. Two people, perhaps a man and a woman, (the article calls them “passengers” and “the couple”), were spending an inordinate amount of time in the ‘toilet.’ Turns out, they were simply members of the Mile High Club and chose to renew their membership a few times – according to The Telegraph. The second story concerning the Frontier flight is courtesy of the FBI:

On September 11, 2011, Frontier Flight 623 was diverted to a hotpad after landing at Detroit Metro Airport. This was a precautionary measure based on reports of suspicious activity on the plane during flight and the heightened security measures during the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Three individuals were removed from the plane, two males and one female. They were questioned by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and were very cooperative. Crew members and several other passengers were also questioned. After questioning and determining there was not threat, all were released without any charges being filed.

The three individuals were strangers to each other, but sat in the same row on the plane. One of the males, who was not feeling well, got up to use the restroom during the flight. The other male got up at approximately the same time to use the restroom. The female remained seated in her row. It should be noted that at no time were there ever two people in the bathroom at the same time, and at no time were the three individuals uncooperative with the flight crew.

The FBI would like to thank the public and the airlines for remaining vigilant at all times. Source: FBI


No F-16’s in the FBI report. At no time was any one of the three in the ‘toilet’ together, according to the FBI. No explanation for the “suspicious activity” reported by the crew. So…what was the suspicious behavior? No one is talking. But…

F-16’s were scrambled for American Flight 34 on September 11, 2001, and the flight was escorted into JFK in New York City, after three males did ‘something’ in the ‘restroom.’

In another incident Sunday, a pair of fighter jets were scrambled to escort an American Airlines jet into New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport after the pilot became spooked by passengers’ frequent trips to and from the restroom, ABC News reported.

The precaution turned out to be unnecessary as federal air marshals aboard American Flight 34 from Los Angeles to JFK were able to resolve the situation when the passengers complied with their instructions, police officials told ABC News.

The pilot then radioed that the situation was under control and the plane landed safely. Three male passengers were questioned upon arrival, but no charges were filed against them, authorities said.

“The FBI would like to thank the public and the airlines for remaining vigilant at all times,” Berchtold said.

Perhaps The Telegraph piece is simply wrong. Apparently it is not intended for us to know who the three males are, so we can only suspect they may have been Muslims…or not, who eventually decided to “follow instructions?” Taxpayers paid for jets scrambled, and burdened security, but they flip-off the public’s right to know, and give us no details, but notice, we got thank you’s from the FBI twice in one day, and all concerned in these two incidents were “cooperative.”

I’m just listening to The Five on Fox and Greg Gutfeld is confirming the Telegraph story, and the “making out” story. He is also confirming American Flight 34 to be another “bathroom” story as well.

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  • A sign of the times. In the olden days the stewardesses would know 2 people in the toilet were joining the Mile High Club. Today they are building a bomb.

    These jerks were joining the Club.

  • Sandi

    Here is what happened on the Detroit bound flight. BTW, “detained” includes being hand cuffed inside of a security cell with a filthy toilet without knowing why you are there or what is going to happend. It also includes a strip and bodily cavity search.