Eduardo Sencion IHOP Killer: IHOP Shooter Eduardo Sencion

The shooter at Carson City’s IHOP has been identified as Eduardo Sencion, 32 of Carson City, Nevada. He was born in Mexico and had a valid U.S. passport. There is no known motive at this time (he had not served in the Military) although his family told authorities he has a history of mental problems. Using an AK-47 Sencion killed two uniformed members of the National Guard and two others. I will have ongoing updates on this story. Read the initial report here.

Eduardo Sencion

This report says Sencion went all the way to the back of the IHOP and “opened fire on a table of five uniformed National Guard members,” two died (a male and a female) and three are wounded. Another unidentified woman was shot and killed.

Sencion reportedly arrived in a minivan with a sticker “Support Our Troops” on the back. He got out of the van and immediately shot a women by or on a motorcycle. I believe she has been reported as wounded.

Two additional guns were found in Sencion’s vehicle. Read the entire story here.

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  • We will now hear the yelling from the left to get rid of the guns.

  • News reports state that he was shouting or making statements as he carried out his murderous rampage. The investigative agencies will not release or comment on what he was saying/shouting. Why would this information be withheld? Does anybody have an idea of what he said/shouted? This could be a huge clue as to his motive.