Corporate Social Responsibility & Going Green

A great article by Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center. This man knows his stuff when it comes to Agenda 21 and all things green:

Why Private Industry Keeps Telling Us to “Go Green”

I’ve sounded the alarm over the dangers of Sustainable Development and the agenda for top-down control through what proponents call the “Three Es,” which includes the Environment, the Economy, and Social Equity. A fourth rail to imposing Agenda 21 is called Corporate Social Responsibility. It is the direct result of the merging of the Three Es. CSR is the map to understanding why corporations are actively promoting the “green” agenda – even to the detrimI’ve sounded the alarm over the dangers of Sustainable Development and the agenda for top-down control through what proponents call the “Three Es,” which includes the Environment, the Economy, and Social Equity. A fourth rail to imposing Agenda 21 is called Corporate Social Responsibility. It is the direct result of the merging of the Three Es. CSR is the map to understanding why corporations are actively promoting the “green” agenda – even to the detriment of their own business.ent of their own business.

Picture, if you will, an Isosceles triangle. And label each point: 1.Government Power 2. Corporate Money 3. NGOs Agenda

The truth is, corporations aren’t always willing players in the partnerships – neither is government, for that matter. Many times both are answering to pressure from activists with a specific agenda.

Those activists come in the form of Non-governmental organizations (NGOs). They are determined, dedicated and radical. They mean business and they have the means to force their will on companies. It’s almost masochistic to watch how they treat companies.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term Corporate Social Responsibility. The idea is that corporations must not conduct their affairs merely to achieve profits for their stockholders – or even to just provide products and services for their customers. According to the doctrine, businesses must also help further the “well-being of society.” You know, “like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” To many businesses the term means treating customers, employees and suppliers with respect and integrity, while making sure you aren’t damaging the environment. It’s just good business.

But something much more sinister has control over the force of corporate social responsibility. As Niger Innis, president of the Congress on Racial Equality, points out, the ideological environmental movement is a powerful $4 billion-a-year U.S. industry. On the international level it’s an $8 billion-a-year gorilla.

Many of its members are intensely eco-centric, and place much higher value on wildlife and ecological values than on human progress or even human life. They have a deep fear and loathing of big business, technology, chemicals, plastics, fossil fuels and biotechnology. And they insist that the rest of the world should acknowledge and live according to their fears and ideologies.

They are masters at using junk science, scare tactics, intimidation and bogus economic and health claims to gain even greater power. These people, with their radical political agenda are now succeeding in forcing Corporate Social Responsibility on more and more companies.

They assert the right to dictate corporate social responsibility by declaring themselves stakeholders, even though their only stake is philosophical. In most cases, they have no economic interest in the companies.

They place ever-increasing demands on business to take ever more radical measures in the name of protecting the environment or in the name of social equity. Products have been banned. Even whole industries have been destroyed.

Here’s an example of the power of this force tied to Sustainable Development policies is an incident that took place in Ireland. There, McDonalds applied to build a new restaurant in a community. The government demanded an environmental impact study for the project. Now, that’s not so unusual. Only this environmental study wasn’t concerning the building of the restaurant. Rather, it was to study the effects of the food to be served on the health of the residents of the community.

McDonalds has been beaten to a pulp over the issue of obesity, human health and animal rights. The leading NGO in this fight is a radical nut-group called the Center for Science in the Public Interest which openly advocates that people eat next to nothing. No meat, no farm animals at all, no dairy, just basically some pre-selected vegetables. They are a constant thorn in the side of the Food and Drug Administration, constantly filing law suits to control food choice. They are the leaders of the infamous food police. And they hate McDonalds as much as they hate letting you decide what you want to eat.

As a result of these attacks, today McDonalds is in the forefront of promoting the green agenda. Now you may understand why the city of San Francisco recently targeted McDonald’s Happy Meals to be banned. CSR is rampant in public schools where zealots are busy working to control what children eat. Never mind that a child may go hungry because he/she refuses to eat tofu. Meanwhile, to make the controls work, corporate monsters like McDonalds must also be kept from tempting children with something they might like. All for the common good, of course.

Another example of corporate masochism comes from Caterpillar, the equipment giant that provides machinery for the mining industry. A few years ago, Caterpillar announced it was joining the United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), which is lobbying for caps on carbon dioxide emissions.

If USCAP reaches its goal for mandatory federal restrictions on the emissions, the cost of energy will be driven up, hurting Caterpillar’s customers and shareholders. When asked if he had done a cost analysis on this policy before joining USCAP, the Chairman of Caterpillar said he had not and would not. Therefore, he was blindly endorsing a policy that could put his own company out of business.

Why? Because he has been forced to accept a political agenda over business sense. To do otherwise would mean possible government sanctions, regulations or fines. It’s the new way to do business in America. It’s the force of the triangle. That’s Corporate Social Responsibility. It isn’t responsible at all. And it’s not very corporate. It’s enforcement of a political agenda.

Many times these issues begin with what appears to be completely absurd press releases by obscure fringe groups. But businesses must not ignore the source of their rants. Once they begin to give sanction to small demands in an attempt to put on a good face – the bar will be continually raised until the business becomes merely a tool for a political agenda that is in direct opposition to their ability to stay in business as the mantra of “Go Green” results in higher prices, sacrifice and fewer choices for consumers.

Well said. But every corporation knows that the moment profits (dividends) drop to a certain level, is the moment this nonsense stops. The main business of business is to make profits, not to help the world. In some cases they do both, and that is good. Not just for the communities they are in, but also for their image in the public. But let the profits, the dividends drop below a certain level, every CEO knows he/she will be out of a job and a new man/woman taking the helm instead.

  • “…every CEO knows he/she will be out of a job…”

    Unless he/she is in with the new crony normal and he/she has laid the groundwork for a government bailout. 🙂

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • On a very much related subject, the is a great post at My Tea Party Chronicle on Public Private Partnerships

  • The rate we are going, the Government will be deciding the distribution of any and all profits.Share Holders will be last in line. The Administration is working hard to have the Unions sitting on the Boards of Companies who no doubt will report back to “the one”.

    • Righto, Bunker. It’s all going back to gov/co and the unions as fast as they can get their grubby hands on all of it.

  • Maggie,
    You are right, Tom DeWeese knows his subject and explains it well. I just have one thing on your last point…I think the ultimate goal is state owned businesses, i.e the direction of GM. I don’t think the profit motive will hold in this environment, so as corporations start falling, we’ll be bailing them all out a la the banks, or propping them up with gov. money somehow..IF they play by Agenda 21 rules. The government will be the major stock holder in everything and will call the shots on what is produced and consumed, be it our federal government or a global government down the road. In North Carolina, a bill has been presented to our legislature that establishes a new corporate designation called a “B” Corporation. The “B” supposedly stands for “Benefit” and would replace the S Corp and the C Corp. This new corporation exists for the common good and not profits. The company must prove its socially responsible activities to both the state and to “B” Corporation…whoever the heck these folks are. In fact, testimony from one of the new “B” corporations on their website says the company had not had profits for the last two years and was bragging about that. Amazing, no? Anyway, you might want to look this up: or this: I think I read that Maryland has already passed legislation creating this new corporation status. The sick thing is they are using all kinds of patriotic symbols and jargon to make it look like it is soooo American. Really. It involves getting favored tax status with the state or the feds, too. I’ve warned our state legislators from here. I would suggest others do so as well. I think they are operating in several other states on getting this done. Pennsylvania may be one that already capitulated.
    Keep up the great work, Maggie!!

  • Steven

    Agenda 21 and the Public Private Partnership angle is nothing more than Fabian Socialism.

    Mussolini tried it. His trains ran on time until the people woke up and he ran out of time.

    It’s time for Americans to wake up.

  • Thew ‘Go Green Goons’ can GO take a flying leap into the Green Rain Forrest and stay there, IMO. What a croc and hopefully they will be eaten by the crocs. Like you said: LibertyAtStake: “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”
    Thank you!

  • Only green on me, is when I cut the lawn and wack the weeds, my old tennis shoes get a little green around the toe area.. Look.. I don’t trash my invironment.. well my room is a bit messy.. but that’s another story. I am sick and tired of hearing about going green. SICK OF IT.

  • Mee too — up theirs. May they all get ‘gang green’ – hahahahaha! This is the kind of sh!%$# that is ruining our country along with the green behind his big ugly ears Obama. I don’t like the other half white side of Obama either, so it has nothing to do with race, thank you.