Bruce Huffman Esther Huffman: Webcam 101 for Seniors – Granddaughter Releases Video

In this video, Bruce and Esther Huffman are trying to learn how to make a web video. They get the job done, but don’t realize they have videoed some intimate moments. Bruce sings and talks about their wrinkles. He makes faces and Esther is enjoying a mint, or something. He talks about her “boobies.” I don’t know how old Mr. Huffman is, but he has a beautiful full head of hair and a great sense of humor. It’s obvious he loves his wife, he thinks her hair is pretty, and about everything she does is great. Mrs. Huffman is interested in learning and keeps at it, and yes, she has very pretty hair and remembered to don her earrings. The Huffman’s granddaughter apparently released the video. If released without their consent, I bet this couple can tolerate making fun of themselves on camera – for all the world to see, without getting all jazzed about it. The Huffman’s are from McMinnville, Oregon.

Bruce and Esther Huffman

Bruce and Esther Huffman Webcam 1010 for Seniors (video)

Thanks to The Daily Mail, Fox News and Minder213

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I can only hope to be as good humored and loving when I become a seasoned citizen 😉

  • I’ve got maybe 10 years before I’ll be them.. or at least him.. lol
    I love how these two are one. The way a marraige should be. I missed that boat.. Hate being just one.. 🙁 The Huffman’s show how perfect couples just are so amazing.

  • Don Laird