Berlin Forest Boy: Forest Boy Ray – Lived in German Forest 5 Years?

A teenage, English-speaking boy showed up at the Berlin, Germany City Hall and said he had been living in the forest for 5 years with his now deceased father. He seems to know nothing more, other than he and his father, Ryan, fled to the forest after his mother, Doreen, died. Five years later, the father died and the boy, a 17-year-old known only as “Ray,” buried his father in a shallow grave, and then walked north to Berlin.

Berlin Forest Boy "Ray"

Ray told Berlin authorities he was “all alone in the world, ” “I don’t know who I am.”

But it emerged Monday [September 5] that after telling his incredible story to City Hall staff he was shown the door and instructed how to reach a youth support centre using public transport.

A civil servant who was the first to speak at length with the boy on his arrival at the administrative centre has told the Daily Telegraph that he was a “normal looking teenager” but said it quickly emerged that he had an extraordinary story to tell.

“He didn’t look like at all like a vagrant – he didn’t smell, he was clean, his clothes were clean but he simply didn’t know anything about who he was,” said the female office worker who was called to front desk at the Rathaus by security guards because she speaks English…

“He seemed calm, not scared at all, but quiet. He said he had been told to go to Berlin if he ever needed help and had taken several weeks to walk here,” she said.  Source: Telegraph

A police investigation to discover the identity of the teenager has stalled two weeks after he turned up at Berlin City Hall claiming to remember nothing of his life before the years in the forest and requesting help.

He speaks fluent English, only a smattering of German and claims to have buried his father, Ryan, in a shallow grave after a fatal fall. He believes they had been roaming the forest and sleeping in tents and dug outs since his mother, Doreen died in a car crash, some five years ago.

Those that have met the boy since he arrived in Berlin on September 5, say a composite image published by German newspaper Bild, is a reasonable likeness. He is described as having blond hair, blue eyes and is 5’11”.

Anyone with any information should call the council office on 0049 30902 772330 or email: Source: Telegraph

Great Britain has been asked for assistance in discovering who the boy is and where he is from.

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