Bachmann Perry: Bachmann on Perry Gardisil, Political Appointments and Favors

I don’t think all of this came out last night during the Tea Party/CNN debate. Texas Governor Rick Perry spent a lot of time defending his attempt to make parents opt out of a plan to innoculate all girls going into 6th grade with Gardisil to protect from the HPV virus. I can’t remember who mentioned that Perry received a campaign contribution from Merck which produces Gardisil, and at the time a former Perry Chief-of-Staff was working for Gardisil and their senior lobbyist. Perry said he received $5,000 and if anyone thought he could be bought for $5,000, he was offended. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) shot back: “I’m offended for all the little girls and parents who didn’t have a choice.” After the debate Bachmann was on with Greta and said after the election Merck “received appointments and political favors.” See the video below.

Michele Bachmann


Well, of course, I don’t know the thoughts and the intents of the governor’s heart. I have no idea what they are, nor would I speculate. But I think it’s important to point out that this donor, like so many other of the governor’s donors, received appointments, received political favors.

And I think that we’re going to hear a lot more about that in the course of the campaign because this is what the American people don’t want. They don’t want crony capitalism. It infuriates them. We saw that with President Obama, when we saw over $500 million dollars go to Solyndra, who was a political donor of President Obama. It’s no better when Republicans engage in that, as well. People don’t want crony capitalism.

Update: Note that Perry was instituting the drug Gardisil through an Executive Order, meaning the legislation would not go to the Texas Congress for a vote.

Michele Bachmann: Perry, Merck and Crony Capitalism (video)

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  • She is pandering to the Ultra Far right Religious wing of the Tea Party and it doesn’t play well elsewhere. The bill did have the opt out clause. The contribution was minuscule as he said. The hiring of his Chief of Staff as a lobbyist is nothing new in any state or in the Federal government. His expertise in the pharmaceutical field would have landed him the job regardless and if you believe that a few thousand dollars can buy a lobbying position you need to do some research. The shot is now considered a good thing and is being recommended for boys as well. Not only does it reduce sexually transmitted disease but risk of cancer and boys and men are getting cancers that this drug deters.
    Bachmann doesn’t need to be playing the pandering game. What goes around comes around. Her husbands practice received thousands in Federal aid, the same aid that she is against. Her in laws farm received hundreds of thousands of dollars in aid, the same aid she is against. Talk about the kettle calling the skillet black.

    • ticker, I don’t think she is pandering. She is standing up for getting back to constitutionality. It may not play well “elsewhere” but nevertheless, it should and it is sad that it does not. I have not decided who I will support, but I do support what she is saying.

      Any parent wanting to give their child the vaccine, should do so. No one should have to opt out. No one. Keep out of the parent’s business. Provide opportunities and get out of the way.

      As to the Farm subsidies, it is lawful. We all know that we must do away with many subsidies, but I am with Newt, modernize our farms and factories, and watch our economy grow.

  • I like Michele Bachmann and yes, I am from Minnesota. Bachmanna and Palin are constantly criticized because (I believe) they are women. Bachmann is very intelligent (as Palin is as well). Don’t underestimate these gals.