And The World Is Suppose To Be Scared Of These Guys?

Last year the Iranians decided that Star Wars was the look for them.  This year it is a cross between Lady Gaga and a Bad Hair Day.  But once again the Iranian Army has trotted out their “New Look” for the year:

I guess a new hairstylist would help these guys.

Did anyone tell these guys that American Gladiator is no longer on the air?

The badges on their sashes are for not wetting the bed.

Once again the Iranians have shown us that good taste is not needed in their military.

Hat Tip to SimplyJews

  • Is it bad that I’m still laughing???

  • Not funny…if Obama & his gay blades get their way, this is what our military will look like in a few years.

  • Ran

    E=Mc2. Damn right I’d be cautious. A clown with a nuke is no longer just a clown.

  • Don Laird

    I’m speechless……

    What are these, the Flamboyant Fusiliers…..

    With respect to the Iranian High Command I’m absolutely certain there’s a fudgepacker lurking in the woodpile somewhere…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canda

  • Dang Bob you beat me to the punch. Hahahaha. How true, how true and yes Don I am sure there is. hahaha.