Academics Gary C. Jacobson, Alan Abramowitz: Tea Party Racist, Devout

Professors Gary Jacobson at University of California at San Diego and Alan I. Abramowitz at Emory took to their calculators and declared the Tea Party racist. Tea Partiers are more likely to be registered voters than other Republicans, their number crunching found. We are older (wiser), wealthier, more “evangelical” and “devout,” than other Republicans. We are more likely to “harbor racial resentment,” and of course, more likely to be “hypocritical.” Those are some of the findings of the annual American Political Science Association conference. From my experience, if the ‘devout’ are Christians, you can’t be ‘devout’ and be racist at the same time. It’s impossible.

Tea Party Express - Dallas, Texas March 2010

The conference featured‘papers’ titled “Civil Rights and LGBTQ Scapegoats in the Tea PartyMovement,” “Passionate Patriotism: Gender ad the Discourse of Anger in the Tea Party

Gary C. Johnson

Movement,” and “Partisan Polarization and the Rise of the Tea Party Movement.”

Like Mr. Jacobson, Mr. Abramowitz also said they were more likely to harbor racial resentment, which he judged based on their answers to questions such as whether blacks could succeed as well as whites if they “would only try harder,” and whether they agreed with the statement that Irish, Italians and Jews overcame prejudice and “blacks should do the same without any special favors.”

Alan Abramowitz

Mr. Abramowitz said tea party supporters were substantially more likely than other voters to question how much effort black Americans are making to advance themselves, versus being held back by social factors.

“Tea Party supporters displayed high levels of racial resentment and held very negative opinions about President Obama, compared with the rest of the public and even other Republicans,” Mr. Abramowitz wrote. “In a multivariate analysis, racial resentment and dislike of Barack Obama, along with conservatism, emerged as the most important factors contributing to support for the Tea Party movement.”

Mark Meckler said the papers “made his day:”

“Statistics show that the vast number of folks that are in the world of academia are liberals,” he said after collecting himself. “Liberals don’t like the tea party movement. I don’t think that’s news.”

“From my perspective, they’ve literally become a caricature of themselves,” he said of the academy, adding that there are a “few exceptions.”

BigFurHat at I Own the World says “this is going to blow up in their faces like a Greenwich Village Townhouse pipe bomb. This is how the left rolls….”

This Ain’t Hell fearlessly gets to the point:

Yeah, I’ll concede that tea party members might be unsympathetic to Blacks merely BECAUSE they’re black, but that’s kind of the whole point of the civil rights movement, isn’t it? Liberals see Blacks as incompetent children who need liberals’ help, whereas conservatives see Blacks as people just like us who are as competent and well-adjusted as we are and the vast majority of Blacks are just like I said…and there is a tiny minority of them who want handouts and need to be coddles…just like there are whites who do the same thing.

Confederate Yankee:

You see, for liberal, often Marxist and truly racist academics, blacks are lesser humans, and they needsubsidies, special treatment, and incentives. How else are they supposed to be “equal” unless we make them equal?

Tea Party supporters of every race view this as condescending rubbish with good reason; equality means everyone having the same opportunities, not ensuring that everyone has the same results.

In the eyes of the ignorati, however, such sentiments equal racism and bigotry because it doesn’t embrace their belittling view of minorities.

Remind me again… who are the racists?

We will hear a lot more about this. A good place to keep-up is the Memeorandum thread. Thanks to Stand Up For America for the Dallas Tea Party photo. Read their piece on racism and the Tea Party here.

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  • Native NY’r

    I am Jewish and a member of the Tea Party. I’m very proud of them. These academics who condemn the Tea Party do not even know what they are talking about. They do not even know the laws of the country nor would they know who Chaim Solomon was (z’L). Yet they want their 10 minutes of fame. So let them support the party who who supports the new nazis. Let them be the kappos of our time. They will spit on the memory of the Jew who were slaughtered by the very entity today’s Democratic Party (aka Jimmy Carter, Obama) support. I really do wish, however, that Colonel West would run for office. The country really needs him!

  • These morons make it perfectly clear who the real racist are _ they are.

  • I am not racist … yet. God made all the different races. Is one better than another? I came from white parents. So what? Why shouldn’t we be proud of our race. Of our nationality. I like what David Yeagley, the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle says about race.

    “People come to America all the time. They can become American citizens … but they will never become Comanche. You have to be born Comanche.”

    So why not be proud of your own race. God made you who you are, and He loves you just as you are.