OMG! Obama said what?

We cannot make these things up.  But a Freudian Slip of the tongue by the President tells more about what is really on his mind than the class warfare he is doing.

Obama Said What? (video)

  • It sounds as if the teleprompter feeder might have misspelled janitor.

  • @Ken So much for the teleprompter being reliable. Although, I guess its tough for the President to actually think for himself. His Freudian slip speaks volumes.

  • Ran

    Agreed. His problems always begin where he goes off-prompter. Goes to demonstrate that while while one can redistribute other people’s money and property, one can not redistribute wisdom nor intelligence.

    Thanks for the post Findalis!

  • OMG means Obama Must Go!

  • First of all.. the poor don’t pay taxes.. that’s a lie… the Jew…. slip.. who knows what’s banging around in his pea brain..