Zilla’s First Blogiversary

Zilla of the Resistance, known as MJ to some of us, is celebrating her first blogiversary today, and what a year she has had. One of her first projects was to expose a politician in her area (Congressman John Hall, Democrat New York District 19) and get him de-elected. He was one of the 70 members listed on the Democrat Socialists of America (DSA) website. Hall was NOT re-elected and was succeeded by Republican Nan Sutter Hayworth. Zilla’s real mission is anti-jihad and she can get your heart pumping when she talks about Islam and its assault on America and particularly Christianity. If you need some good tips on how to get your blog noticed, Zilla has a few. Stop by and say ‘Happy Blogiversary Zilla.’ Thanks to Mecca Rising for the graphic.

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