What’s the Obama Rabbit Attack Story?

Around the blogosphere this past week we see headlines: “Obama Dangerously Close to Rabbit Attack Moment.” President Jimmy Carter who presided over 17% interest rates, went on vacation at the time our nation was in great peril, and decided to go fishing. He eased a boat into a pond, tried to mind his own business, but an angry, possibly rabid, rabbit was stressed, had been chased by a dog, and simply could not endure a Democrat, especially this Democrat, in his domain, and his water. (You say rabbits cannot swim? They can). The wild-eyed Killer Rabbit knew Carter and his pond craft was bigger and stronger but he swam on principle, and he swam straight for the President. Carter’s security detail could do nothing about it. The President was forced to defend himself as Killer kept coming. The President’s only weapon was his paddle, and he used it. In the end, Carter won.

Jimmy Carter Killer Rabbit Attack

Some of Carter’s staff didn’t believe that a rabbit could swim but while the Security detail was impotent, a White House photographer captured a moment. The Jimmy Carter Library provided both photos you see here. The caption under the rabbit swimming, reads “…rabbit swimming away from the President,” but you know, I can’t tell. Can you? Away or to?

Killer Rabbit

If Killer was swimming away, we know Carter spared him, although he did not spare the economy.

Someone in the Carter administration leaked the story to the Associated Press. Carter’s press secretary, Jody Powell said the following in a 1986 book:

“The animal was clearly in distress, or perhaps berserk. The President confessed to having had limited experience with enraged rabbits. He was unable to reach a definite conclusion about its state of mind. What was obvious, however, was that this large, wet animal, making strange hissing noises and gnashing its teeth, was intent upon climbing into the Presidential boat.”

Americas on both sides of the aisle was already disenchanted with the foolish, arrogant and lustful Jimmy Carter.

What does this have to do with Barack Obama?

John Kass at the Chicago Tribune (linked below as “original press report”) says Obama is horrifyingly close to his own rabbit attack moment. Carter was “weak and ineffectual. His fellow Democrats had lost patience with him.”

…It might happen while he’s on that ridiculous vacation of his. Obama is chilling at some exclusive multimillion-dollar estate on Martha’s Vineyard, even as thousands more Americans hit the unemployment lines,…

Anyone who thinks Obama is safe from a rabbit attack has forgotten what happened to President Jimmy Carter In 1979. Carter was attacked by a swimming rabbit, and the subsequent “Killer Rabbit” stories helped destroy his presidency. It led to the election of Republican Ronald Reagan in a landslide and an unprecedented economic revival.

More from a Chicagoan:

“I think it’s a little too early yet for the president to be attacked by a rabbit,” cautioned a veteran Chicago Democrat wise in the ways of Obama. “But it’s close. Real close.”

We have a weak and especially ineffectual Barack Obama, and just what his “rabbit” moment might be I don’t know. Perhaps something to do with a golf ball?  Or an ice cream cone?

The press had a story and it spread far and wide. The incident inspired at least one song. Hear it in the video below. If you believe what Wikipedia documents, read the Carter story here. Read the original press report here. 

Tom Paxton’s Ode to Killer Rabbit (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • The Republican House can be his “rabbit”. All they have to do is sit down, shut up and say, Mr. President, the balls is on the tee and it’s your turn. Show us the plan ON PAPER that you have and we will work with you from there.

    He will go ballistic if the GOP has the guts to do this instead of continuing to give him an out and more ammunition to use against them. He has no plan and certainly will not put one on paper that will show the American people what he is really up to.

    That, Maggie, will be his “Rabbit time”

  • The man is hiding out in the Martha’s Vineyard vacation mansion – no golfing reported, despite good weather. Could there be rabbits lurking near the greens, waiting to pounce on POTUS? One wonders…

  • Good post Maggie. Course, to my viewing and listening of him he’s having those ‘rabbit moments’ frequently, but that’s just because I think the man-boy-king is so inappropriate all the time anyway. I hope his rabbit moment that the majority can’t ignore happens soon.

  • Oh he is playing golf. It took him four swings to finally connect with the ball that was hiding in the woods. Did a wabbit steal his ball or a squirrel? Was he whacking away at the critter or just having a “squirrel” or “rabbit” moment. hahahah.