What Do Tiger Woods and Hillary Clinton Have in Common?

Tiger Woods has been compared to Bill Clinton before – that bad boy image has dogged both of them, maybe secretly pleased both of them, but what can Tiger have in common with Hillary? Both of these wealthy, wealthy Americans are lousy tippers (and I’ve noticed neither have a sense of humor).

Tiger Woods

Hillary (from Say Anything Blog):

According to a story from NPR, Hillary Clinton made a stop recently at a “greasy spoon” diner in Iowa where she met and had a conversation with a waitress. They spoke for a while, and later Hillary talked about that waitress – by name – in a speech she gave saying that she’d make life easier for single-mom, low-wage earners like the waitress.

Hillary Clinton

The problem? The waitress is actually quite satisfied with her life and takes exception to Hillary trying to cast her as some sort of victim.
Oh, and Hillary didn’t leave the waitress a tip. Which leaves us with two conclusions.

First, Hillary – like most liberals – thinks everyone’s a victim.
Second, Hillary – like most liberals – wants to use everyone else’s money to help that victim rather than spending some of her own.

Tiger is the No. 1 worst tipper as reported by Golf Digest. The reputationhas followed him for many years. Tiger says he never “carries cash.” Hillary has said the same thing. Excuse me, if you don’t carry cash, then you surely carry a credit card. Good grief, just tip on the credit card.

Madonna was second on the Cheapest Celebrities list, Babs Streisand third, LeBron James fourth and Jeremy Piven fifth. See where Communist Sean Pean, Rachel Ray and Bill Cosby place here.

In these articles I noted a veiled accusation that tipping 15% is certainly not enough. Twenty percent wasn’t mentioned, those leaving 50% are adored.

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