Valerie Jarret’s Father-in-Law Head of Communist Youth: Vernon Jarrett Communist Youth

Obama adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is not only Barack and Michele Obama’s close, close friend, she is known as “the other side of Barack’s brain.” Jarrett’s ex-husband, William Jarrett died in 1993. Her former father-in-law Vernon Jarrett died in 2004 after helping elect Barack Obama to the U.S. House of Representatives. Vernon Jarrett had a long history of communist connection. Valerie has described her ex-husband as someone she has known all her life – the “boy next door,” so it obvious Jarrett knew who she was marrying and who his family was.  Jarrett is responsible for the White House hiring of Van Jones, a vigorous communist and Black Nationalist. Other than Michelle, or maybe in spite of Michelle, Valerie is Barack’s closest friend and associate. No one is closer to BO than Valerie. As Trevor Loudon alludes below, the communist White House “program has been underway for a very long time, folks.”

Valerie Jarrett


Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett: Brought Together by Fickle Fate, or Something More?

Trevor Loudon, New Zeal Blog

Henry Wallace’s Progressive Party of the 1940s was nothing but a tool  the Communist Party USA – and by extension, the Soviet Union.

Today’s Democratic Party is also heavily infiltrated by the now pro-Chinese Communist Party USA and their almost as equally extreme comrades from Democratic Socialists of America.

Here’s an interesting picture from the 1940s. Henry Wallace chatting with Chicago journalist and Progressive Party supporter Vernon Jarrett.

Henry Wallace and Vernon Jarrett

It turns out that around this time, Vernon Jarrett was a leader of the Chicago chapter of American Youth for Democracy – the youth wing of the Communist Party.

Chicago communist journalist Frank Marshall Davis was a national sponsor of American Youth for Democracy, as well as being a Progressive Party supporter.

Both Davis and Jarrett worked on the radical Chicago Defender newspaper and in 1948, both served on the publicity committee of the Citizens’ Committee to Aid Packing-House Workers.


Later that year, Frank Marshall Davis moved to Hawaii, where he met and mentored a young boy namedBarack Obama.

Vernon Jarrett stayed in Chicago, where he became a prominent columnist. Coincidentally he used this column in 2004 to urge black voters to vote in the 2004 Senate primaries for Barack Obama.

Vernon Jarrett, was also the father-in-law of a friend of the Obama family named Valerie Jarrett, who now serves as the president’s most trusted adviser in the White House.

This program has been underway for a very long time folks.

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  • Word

    We have elected a communist. The MSM is aiding and abetting him with graduates from our school system……

    The result of decades of political correctness in our school systems. The result of the teachers unions being infiltrated and run by communist progressives.

    11. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
    12. Gain control of all student newspapers.

    Are we catching this in time? I have my doubts.

  • Let us not forget– Valerie Jordan was born in Iran.. named Iranian of the month. I have always felt she is the key to much of what is going down. How the Iranian thing connections works would be great to know.

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  • michigan

    She’s the person who ushered in Van Jones to the WH.

    She and her family go way, way back as active Communists. Why the LMSM doesn’t report on this is because they sympathize with their cause. It’s not rocket science, just fact and observation.

    Where are the Republican Senators on this issue?……………..

    As back in the 60’s, Communism needs to be a dirty word.

  • In my study of Wall Street and the Bolsheviks, it makes more sense than ever that Valerie is affiliated with Goldman Sachs, World Bank, Fannie Mae, Bilderberg, CFR, Trilaterals, etc. It was the director of the Fed Reserve bank of NY, William Boyce Thompson who gave the Bolsheviks $1,000,000 in 1917 money, which is 17 million today.
    The point is that communism is not what you think it is. The point is to gain control of entire countries’ wealth, lock it up and start exterminating the unnecessary people. People who are far enough up at the top are wise to all this, people like Valerie, they don’t actually believe in communism, but they do believe in its power to gain a monopoly under the cover of government.

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