Uncle Omar’s Social Security Number, Home, Family?

Barack Obama’s Uncle Omar has a Social Security Number, and has had it for years…illegally. For the second time, we are told he will be deported back to Kenya, or somewhere. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) say they have been on the look-out for him since he escaped deportation the first time. Right. And just how do you miss anyone named Obama living 21 miles from Boston who works and…oh yeah, has a social security number? He lives in a single-family home, but has others living with him, and they didn’t want to talk to the Boston Herald. Note in the story below, he is referred to by his preferred name, Obama Onyango, not his real name, Onyango Obama. His “household” is called the “Onyango” household. A boy is seen mowing the lawn, and a girl sat on the porch with her laptop. Uncle Omar pays for all this with his job in a liquor store?

Uncle Omar (Onyango Obama)

The clever Uncle Omar has not identified himself as Onyango Obama, but rather Obama Onyango. His sister, Zeituni Obama, has just received U.S. asylum because she fears something back home where the whole of the country adores her nephew, Barack . She continues to live on public assistance in Boston, after arriving in the U.S. with her brother, Uncle Omar.

Jessica Heslam at Boston Herald says Onyanga Obama (Uncle Omar), 67, is quite the social and popular guy on the block in Framingham, Massachusetts, holding backyard cookouts for his friends in the house you see above.

At least the uncle had a job . . . even if he wasn’t legally entitled to one. Obama Onyango told police he worked at a local liquor store.

No one in the Onyango household was interested in talking about it yesterday. But neighbors were stunned to learn the president’s uncle was living among them, in their working-class neighborhood.

Jennifer Jimenez, 26, affectionately referred to him as the “old guy” while growing up.

“He’s just a normal guy. He’s always saying hi to us. He’s very nice,” Jimenez said. “He’s like the big guy of the house. He takes care of everybody.”

If you haven’t seen this story over the past week, Uncle Omar was arrested for, and charged with drunk driving. He was mouthy with Police at the time of arrest and said he thought he might call the White House. He turned right with no signal, in front of the Police car, causing Police to slam on their brakes.  A judge has refused bail. Uncle Omar is being held for ICE and the story is, he will be deported. Does anyone believe that?

Do we routinely release those scheduled for deportation? How was it Uncle Omar was not deported the first time? Will he be released before deportation this time? Has he also been on the public dole? What name was his Social Security number in: Onyango Obama or Obama Onyango?

Photo Credit: Ted Fitzgerald

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  • According to Jerome R. Corsi on WorldNetDaily Obama’s Social Security number he is using belongs to someone else. The Law means nothing to him.

  • The hibiscus doesn’t fall very far from the tree!

  • There is only one reason this idiot hasn’t been deported. His nephew is Barack Hussein Obama.

  • The discovery many moons back that Obama’s Auntie Zeituni was here illegally (and then, inexplicably granted asylum while we’re all paying for her to live here off welfare entitlements) should have made yellow warning lights flash. My purely speculative guess is that there are MANY of Obama’s relatives, in addition to Uncle Omar or whatever he calls himself, on his deserting father’s side here illegally from Kenya.

    This may partially explain why the man-child president is so obsessed with granting amnesty to all illegal aliens. We’ve seen over the past 2-and-a-half years that Obama never does anything for anyone else unless he himself also benefits. It always come back to him.

  • I’m thinking these illegals know more about him than Obama wants known.. sooooo… Just a thought.

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  • Chicagoray

    I wouldn’t doubt if Uncle Bama was the one who got Barry his illegal number back in the day. The timing’s just about right.