Thinking About Putting our Returning Military to Work

Twice now, including just minutes ago I’ve heard Barack Obama say that one of the ways we can get Americans back to work is to hire our returning Military, who have the experience and skills to do the jobs many need doing. Now, I’m all for that. I champion all employers looking to former Soldiers, Sailors and Marines to fill positions needing to be filled but, tell me how doing so CREATES a job? It fills a job, but it doesn’t CREATE a job.

U.S. Military

Returning Military are one part of all those needing employment. Hiring them first does not change the dynamics of our obscene unemployment. While we have plenty of unemployed, we do not have plentiful jobs. Hiring isn’t the problem. Job CREATION is the problem.

It’s just more pretty, petty, meaningless words from the Spinner in Chief.

If Obama is asking employers to put former Military at the head of the employment line, that’s all well and good, but it doesn’t change the number of jobs available.  One person, one job doesn’t change anything if we cannot add more jobs. We need legitimate jobs and thanks to Obama’s job-killing regulations costing business owners $1.75 Trillion, they cannot expand or hire. Dittos ObamaCare regulations costing $2.6 Trillion. All money that could go to expanding business and hiring. There are NO JOBS for former Military or anyone else.

Obama wants to build roads and bridges, but the only way we can do that is if taxpayers pay for those roads and bridges now, with higher taxes, designed to pay for yet another Stimulus check.

Today Obama told a story, as he always does. Today’s went something like this:

Now I don’t know about your household, but in mine, if I said to Michelle, honey, our income is down a bit and so we can’t buy anymore shoes, and we can’t buy anymore dresses (but I’m going to keep my golf clubs), it wouldn’t go over well.

When you think about Barack Obama, realize that the man has never produced anything but hot air, regulations, abortions and materials for urban Black school children designed to keep them hot and bothered over racial issues. Those school materials were paid for by the Annenberg Foundation, (Annenberg, a White man) – Obama went through over $100 Million of Annenberg money, and matching funds and accomplished exactly nothing – and his partner was one time FBI long-time “Most Wanted,” William ‘Bill’ Ayers.

That’s it. He has NEVER added a single thing to America’s wealth or well-being. He has only taken from it, helped others take from it, and walked away. He has NEVER CREATED a single job without robbing taxpayers to pay for it. We must create an atmosphere for America’s job creators to do what they do best, create and produce. Telling us to “hire” someone is ridiculous.

UPDATE: Bread Upon the Waters reminds me of this:

“Remember when Obama was trying to make combat-disabled vets pay for their own medical treatments, including prosthetic limbs?

When vet organizations protested, Obama demanded that they figure out a way to save an equivalent amount of money. That’s Obama’s idea of economizing.”

Confirmed by CNN:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance.

But the proposal would be “dead on arrival” if it’s sent to Congress, Sen. Patty Murray, D-Washington, said.

Murray used that blunt terminology when she told Shinseki that the idea would not be acceptable and would be rejected if formally proposed. Her remarks came during a hearing before the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs about the 2010 budget.

No official proposal to create such a program has been announced publicly, but veterans groups wrote a pre-emptive letter last week to President Obama voicing their opposition to the idea after hearing the plan was under consideration.


  • Maggie … Very good word today. I’m going to post the whole thing on my Facebook page. Everyone I know needs to hear what you said today. Thanks …

    • Carl, thank you! You are always welcome to take and share, I appreciate you doing so. Obama is so phony. He said the same thing today he said last week. Carl, are we FB friends. You’ll get a laugh out of this, I just found a FB Carl Middleton, didn’t pay attention and sent a friend request. It was not you!

      • Hi Maggie … I just had Peggy do a search for me on Facebook. She typed in my name, when it came up she went down and clicked on more results. She found about 7 or 8 others. I was listed with them along with the same photo I use with my comments to you. If you like, try again. The one with my photo should be the right one. But with or without FB you’re my friend. Blessings …

        • Found you Carl! Thanks.

  • Ran

    Put ’em to work… in government jobs? Funny. We’ve seen that before? Right. Pharaoh Ra’amses did the same thing. Didn’t work out so well.

    • Ran, I’m not sure he was talking about government jobs. I think he was telling employers to hire returning military in the private sector and trying to allude to it creating a job.

  • Remember when Obama was trying to make combat-disabled vets pay for their own medical treatments, including prosthetic limbs?

    When vet organizations protested, Obama demanded that they figure out a way to save an equivalent amount of money. That’s Obama’s idea of economizing.

    Anyone who can attempt to force such a policy cannot have the welfare of our military in mind. Somebody must be telling Obama that insulting our military and vets is costing him votes.

    • Quite Rightly, good reminder!

    • Quite Rightly, I quoted you in the article, linked to you, and linked CNN confirmation. Thanks.

  • He has to be right. It was not enough to tell automakers to stop focusing on trucks and SUV’s, he is forcing it by creating (10th Amendment?) new emissions standards. I would not be surprised if he solution to the jobs shortage will be fining those who do not meet hiring quotas.

    • Trestin, this man has so many regulations up his sleeve, there is no telling what we will see next. Nothing stops him. He is so sure that his base loves him that he can conquer all. I think he is wrong, and pray that he is.

  • Dave

    Maggie, this is a rehash of Clinton’s Troops to Teachers program. During that time I was working in Colorado and was surprised to see a friend who showed up from overseas expecting a teaching position in the Denver area. That job was supposed to be there based on the Troops to Teachers set up he received before leaving active duty for a specific teaching position in Denver. The Denver school system had never heard of the program and didn’t have a job for him. He was on the skids for some time while he went job hunting on his own. My buddy wasn’t the only one who came back to the States expecting a specific teaching job with a specific school district yet found no job but instead found that the program didn’t work.

    This is political candy for the masses.

    • Dave, sorry to be so tardy responding back. I missed your comment. I haven’t heard of Troops to Teachers. How devastating to have a member of our military thinking there a job set up by a government program, only to find it didn’t exist. “Political candy,” for everyone but the military I guess. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.