The Spending is Nuts – Powerline Winning Video by Justin Folk

Powerline hosted a contest offering $100,000 to the artist who explained the danger of debt to taxpayers. This video from Justin Folk is the winning entry, among many, many fine submissions. Under the video I’ve listed the judges. This should be shown in every schoolroom from sea to shining sea.

Justin Folk


The Spending is Nuts by Jason Folk (video)

“Special thanks, too, to our expert panel of judges: Hugh Hewitt of The Hugh Hewitt Show; Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit; Marcheta Marshall of Stanford and the Stanford Review, Mary Katharine Ham of The Weekly Standard and Fox News; Roger Simon of Pajamas Media, Alexandra Johnson, Andrew Breitbart of eponymous fame, John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting, and me.”


  • It is a great video.

  • Escellent Illustration! Needs to be shown in schools! Glad Justin won!!

  • Hello Maggie, stumbled upon your site while gathering biography on Justin Folk. He’ll be on the show today at 6 -7PM PST 99.3FM 1400AM KQMS (also streams from for those out of tower range). Good choice on the video and I’m bookmarking your site – very interesting!

    • Thank you Alana. He’s a talented young man. I was impressed not only with the message, but how attractively he presented it. As others feel, we wish this could be shown in schools. Then maybe the kids would show it to their parents LOL! I’ll try to catch the show. Thanks much for visiting and bookmarking.