Teachers Don’t March – Don’t Show Up for Million Teacher March: 992,000 Short

A Save our Schools mantra may show that few teachers want to Save our Schools as they exist today, and have their face on television as they stand in front of the White House. Teacher’s unions are likely a bit embarrassed as their “million teacher march” fell short by 992,000. 

The “Save Our Schools” message was honest in one respect – the union goal is to save public schools as they currently exist. Notice that there was no call to improve the quality of education for students, because that’s not what the unions are fighting for…

A popular theme of the rally was to attack student testing.  See, if the establishment can get rid of any sort of objective measure of student performance, then they can dicker about subjective measurements for employees, such as how much they work, how much they care and how hard they’re trying.  It has been a full-frontal attack on objective measurements, which they’ve deemed “high-stakes.” Read it all at Big Government.