Sunday Faith News/Views 8-7-11: Political Prayer and Witness Edition

Today’s Sunday Faith Views features something you won’t often see or hear, the Christian witness of a politician…in this case Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Texas Governor Rick Perry’s prayer at his sponsored event, The Response and a look at the Apostle John, the youngest of Christ’s twelve and how he may have seen Jesus. In News is the rocket attacks on Ashkelon, Israel from Gaza, the burning of two Christian churches by Muslims in Zanzabar, Tanzania, and an atheist event sponsored by U.S. Army soldiers at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

In Views:

Michele Bachmann’s witness for Jesus Christ

Michele Bachmann

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann gives her Christian witness at Iowa’s Christian Spirit Music Festival. How often do we hear a politician tell the story of how they were led to Jesus Christ? See the video here.

Rick Perry sponsors a day of prayer and worship

Rick Perry: The Response

Texas Governor Rick Perry sponsors a prayer meeting, The Response. Thirty thousand flooded into Houston’s Reliant Stadium for seven hours of worship (the media wasn’t impressed). The following is his closing prayer. Read the entire transcript here.

Lord, you are the source of every good thing, you are our only hope. And we stand before you today in awe of your power, and in gratitude for your blessings, in humility for our sins. Father our heart breaks for America. We see discord at home. We see fear in the marketplace. We see angers in the halls of government. And as a nation we have forgotten who made us, who protects us, who blesses us, and for that we cry out for your forgiveness. We pray for our nation’s leaders, Lord, for parents, for pastors, for the generals, for governors, that you would inspire them in these difficult times. Father we pray for our president, that you would impart your wisdom upon him, that you would guard his family. We pray for our military and the families who love them. Father especially, for those special operators who lost their life yesterday in defending our freedoms. You call us to repent, Lord, and this day is our response. We give it all to you. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever. Amen. And amen.”

GOD’S ANSWER is always Jesus shares an eyes-wide-open view of the Apostle

John the Apostle

John. How often do we view the acts of the Apostles with our eyes and minds wide open, willing to experience their confusion, elation and agony to the depth that only each of us are willing go? It’s so easy to read scripture and move on. Yes it has meaning, but does it have the meaning. That is what I love about Carl Middleton’s weekly blog posting. He looks deep into the meaning of his chosen subject and opens our eyes to possibilities and likelihoods that we may miss. This week he looks at John, the youngest of the twelve disciples, and how John may have seen Jesus. Read it here.


In News:

Hamas in Gaza sending rocket fire into Ashkelon:

Israel's Iron Dome

More than 30 rockets have been fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip since July 1st.The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has deployed their Iron Dome rocket defense system to intercept the incoming explosives.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Hamas is using the rockets in retaliationfor being left out of the Palestinian Authority’s work on declaring statehood. Sort of like a deadly temper-tantrum.

The IAF struck four terror tunnels in central Gaza and one in southern Gaza. Prayers for the Israeli’s enduring the endless drone of rocket fire over their homes and communities.

Christian Churches Burned by Islamists in Tanzania

Evangelical Assemblies of God, Zanzibar, Tanzania before being torched

Two Christian churches have been burned to the ground by Muslims in Tanzania. The latest comes just three days after another church is burned on Zanzibar Island last Wednesday.

An Assembly of God church went up in flames with Muslim’s shouting:”

“Away with the church: we do not want infidels to spoil our community, especially our children,” Pastor Leonard Massasa said the Islamists shouted as they razed the church to the ground.

Other churches have land but are unable to build due to Muslim objections.

When Mfundo bought a half-acre of land for a church building near Chake-Chake town, local Muslims arranged for a road to be built through it, making the land fit only for residential use. Mfundo then bought another site, close to the town center; after making the necessary payments, Mfundo placed boundary markers on the site, only to be slapped with a court injunction against any further construction because the land was “waterlogged”.

“It is not true that the area is waterlogged,” Mfundo said, “but a calculated move to stop the church being set up in this location. We are here in Pemba because God wants us to be. But Muslims always point a finger at us, especially at my house, and we have been receiving several threats. But great is our God who is always ready to protect us.” Source: Worthy News

Atheist Event at Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Atheist Army Sgt. Justin Griffith

Ft. Bragg has announced that they will allow an atheist group to hold a “Rock Beyond Belief” event on the North Carolina Military base.

The post Commander rejected the event, until the Sgt. Justin Griffith and fellow atheists went to the Secretary of Army. The April 2nd “Rock Beyond Belief” is an athiest answer to Billy Graham’s “Rock the Fort” event held at Ft. Bragg last year.

The group hopes Rock Beyond Belief will create a new atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance for them. Right. Source: The Christian Post



Sending blessings for sufficient rain and an end to scorching weather – a cooler temp to ponder our Nation’s financial future.

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