Sarah Palin New Video: Mamma Grizzly Roars – Sarah Palin Campaign Video?

SarahPAC has released a new video. “A great awakening of the American public. The individual American wants the exceptionalism put back in America” “empower the people of America.” You will love the ending!

Sarah Palin at the Iowa State Fair 2011

I’m looking for a video with Karl Rove saying Sarah Palin’s coming schedule looks like a campaign schedule. He thinks she will announce next week and, remember her telling Jake Tapper at the Iowa State Fair that she believes August is a drop dead deadline for announcing?

Sarah Palin SarahPAC Video at The Iowa State Fair

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Great video. Go for it girl!

  • Don Laird

    Brilliant……best of luck Sarah!!

  • OMG I want Sarah to run… The left is going to crucify any Republican and especially any conservative we put up, so why not put up someone like Sarah, who they are terrified of. If she gets in office the EPA, the Federal Reserve, and so many none elected agencies that determine what you and I do in our daily lives, will be put on notice. She will have the mandate of the people.
    Oh by the way, wasn’t it a pleasing sight to see Sarah’s bus, covered in the flag, and the Declaration of Independence, compared to the flagless black and red sight of Obama’s Buses, made in Canada

  • Folks: Hate to tell you this. Palin can’t win. That would be a big mistake. Nice Bus but it’s going to take a bigger bus because America needs a win win this time.