Rule 5 Saturday Night: Girls With Guns

I discovered a young conservative woman this week with her own website and a love for guns. Her name: Regis Giles. She is the sister of Hannah Giles who along with James O’Keefe brought down the giant and criminal ACORN organization. You’ll find a link below to Regis’ website, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns (click her photo).

Find links to my friends hosting Rule 5s this weekend, below the pictures of Girls With Guns.

Olga Kurylenko

U.S. Soldiers


Linda Hamilton

Megan Fox

Ann Coulter

Angelina Jolie

Sarah Palin



Ethiopian Jewish Soldiers

Vanessa Hudgens

Angelina Jolie

Regis Giles

Regis Giles - Click to Visit Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

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Donald Douglas at American Power has video of Julie Henderson wearing body-paint. The artists are really, really talented:-)

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Linked by Ran at Libertarian Repbulican – Thanks! “Gals with Guns,” gentlemen. It’s the future.

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