Police Officer Shot in Neck, Keeps Gun Aimed, Collapses

The video is graphic. The officer’s name is not known at this time.  You see him crouching with his weapon, then hit with a bullet in the neck. He keeps his weapon aimed at something, then runs and collapses. His partner drags him to safety. A report this minute says he is in stable condition.

The officers were responding to a report that a man had killed someone in a home. The home was set on fire and two bodies were found inside. God bless this brave young man and his family. Prayers for his full recovery.

Find other details here.

Officer Shot in the Neck (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

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  • Ran

    G-d bless the man! Special prayers tonight. Thanks Maggie.

  • I’m glad that the officer is now in stable condition and I pray for his speedy recovery…

    I can’t help but think that Obama’s response to this would be, “The police acted stupidly.”

    • Norm… you hit it on the button..

      • Thanks David,
        I was just over to your website…one word, OUTSTANDING !


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