Perryphobia ‘Wave of Fear:’ Republican Elitists Wonking for Romney?

Curt Anderson is a Republican strategist who worked in both Bush-Cheney campaigns. He does his ‘strategizing’ inside the Beltway for those we consider Republican establishment elitists (or here at my blog, old Republican fossils). In an article for Politico, Anderson chides his own clients for their attacks on Texas Governor Rick Perry. He points to those on Capitol Hill calling for Perry to “refine himself,” (translation: don’t talk about a traitorous Federal Reserve Chairman).

Rick Perry

The Other McCain discovered the connections to Politico columnist Curt Anderson, and oh yes, they reek of establishment:

Anderson’s polling/PR/strategy firm is based inside the Beltway, in Alexandria, Virginia, and lists among its clients the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Republican Governors Association. Anderson is former political director of the RNC, worked on the Bush-Cheney campaigns in 2000 and 2004, and also worked on Mitt Romney’s 2008 campaign.

And McCain says:

So if you’re looking for a grassroots anti-elitist who courageously stands up to the GOP Establishment, then obviously Curt Anderson’s your man.

Eventually I found that what Stacy is snarky about: 1) the article appeared in Politico, 2) written by an elitist, 3) posturing as Mr. TEA Party (my interpretation), and 4) courting a candidate who could easily be seen as an “establishment” candidate himself. Here’s what he said back to a commenter at his blog:

…it’s not that I don’t appreciate the work done by full-time GOP operatives — some of my best friends are political operatives, and the work they do is vitally important to the process. What got on my nerves in this particular instance was that a Beltway operative — who almost certainly hopes to have the Perry 2012 campaign as a client in the future — would strike the populist pose in bashing the “elite,” in the defense of a very powerful Republican candidate, and would do so in such a Beltway media venue as Politico.

All those thousands of grassroots Iowa conservatives who voted in the Ames Straw Poll for Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum or Herman Cain — Anderson says they’re all “elitists” suffering “Perryphobia,” you see, while he demands that everybody get on the Perry bandwagon.

Because real conservatives do what former RNC political directors tell them to do!

I admit I’m puzzled that McCain sees Anderson tagging Iowa straw poll voters as  ‘Republican elitists.’ I didn’t see that, but perhaps I missed something in the two Politico articles, or am not insider-enough to understand. If so, it’s not the first time, and won’t be the last. I do see that some Republicans on the Hill have Perryphobia. Maybe Stacy will stop by and clue me.

Curt Anderson reminds that the approval rating of Congress is practically non-existent and their attacks on Perry might actually help him:

But if members of Congress keep attacking Perry, it can only improve his chances. It is odd that the same pundits who thought the GOP primary electorate was brilliant to choose George W. Bush in 2000 is unwilling to trust them to make a reasoned decision on Perry.

Finally, and this is my personal favorite, we have those self-appointed Republican elites. You know the type: they wear the Adam Smith tie; yammer at us on FOX News all day; read the Journal with devotional religious fervor; skip church to watch “Meet the Press,” and make their living off the generosity of people they secretly look down on with benevolent disdain.

We can all agree that proving this class to be arrogant is unnecessary. But one would think that these folks might embrace Perry. Isn’t Texas the place where half of America’s new jobs have been created recently? Isn’t Texas the place where the private sector is encouraged to grow without massive government regulation? Isn’t Texas the place that cut a world record 15 billion from its state budget this year? Isn’t Texas the place where they have actually passed tort reform?

What I do get is that Anderson plots and plans with these people for a living, and if not for Perry, Anderson might be wonking for Mitt Romney and the ‘inside-the-Beltway Republican establishment elitists,’ who always know what is best for the rest of us.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Maggie– I admit, I have Perryphobia big time. What you see is not what you get in my book. I also have Romneyphobia. Just forget the operatives. No one is working in our interests IMO.

  • Bunkerville’s post is propaganda and disingenuous at best. It is evident that he does not like Perry and will twist facts to make him look bad. Everything from the number of FTZ in Texas to the fact that creating a hue and cry in 2008 was like closing the barn door after the horse had gone out since Huawei has been doing business in the US and with US companies since the 1990’s with IBM and Emerson. The US has had and been involved in Free Trade since WW2. The US discovered that isolationism of trade didn’t work as was shown from the days after the Civil War and again after WW1. Trade wars have been detrimental to the economy of the US and now is not time to revive them.

    The myths and BS being spread by the faction within the GOP who do not want a conservative and one who knows how to get things done are on the same level as those rumors spread by the religious far right in regard to Romney and his religious faith. We see what the consequences of that BS was. Do we want a repeat and four more years of Obama? Ask yourself that question when you read such stuff as the Establishment faction of the GOP is putting out. He would mess up their play house and they, just like the Left don’t want that to happen. I say it’s time and it looks as if Herman Cain has been left at the starting gate. He has yet to say one thing that would prove him to be effective as POTUS or to establish what he is for or how he would handle the current situation.

    • Regarding Free trade agreements. They are and have been a one way street of dumping cheap goods on the U.S. leaving us with trillions of dollars in trade deficits. Trade needs to be fair. China manipulates it currency so there is no way we can compete. Running a Trans Highway to bring all of the third world stuff into our country, is not my idea of a fair deal. Yes, during the construction period there will be lots of jobs. But then they will end.What then? Then the foreign countries who will own the infrastructure will charge us for usage. I was against Bush equally..There is a vast difference between Isolationism and a fair trade where we do not run massive deficits.

  • Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are both globalists, you have to deny reality not to acknowledge their records. The Establishment stacks the deck with their people, that way they can’t loose. It’s been working well for them this way for decades.