Obama’s Birth Certificate: Will States Accept Obama as Natural Born for 2012 Filings?

One of the most intriguing questions concerning the up-coming elections is, how many states will certify Barack Obama as a natural-born citizen. In 2010, New Hampshire tightened the requirements for meeting national-born constitutional eligibility for a candidate running for president but it appears those requirements will not suffice. The news is dismal. The one hope to know the truth is States taking the initiative to protect their citizens from a usurper, if Barack Obama fits that category. Every State should care. Some did, seems now, not so much.


World Net Daily:

…New Hampshire’s H.B. 1245, signed into law by Democratic Governor John Lynch, merely requires a statement under penalty of perjury that a candidate meets the qualification requirements of the U.S. Constitution, similar to what the political parties already send to states regarding their candidates.

Most of the efforts of at least 14 other states were launched in January, only to be tabled, ignored or killed by March. Montana’s bill, which requires a candidate for president or vice president to submit a certified copy of his or her birth certificate to Montana’s secretary of state, was ruled dead in committee on April 28 – the day after Obama produced his purported long-form birth certificate….

[Jerome Corsi] “All it would take is one state to pass a tough eligibility law, and the continuing cover-up over the Obama birth records could be brought to an end,” he concluded. “Failure to do so will simply convince millions of Americans that our state legislators lack the resolve to defend the Constitution.”

The following is some of the legislation introduced on the issue of natural born eligibility. I do not have the resolution of most. If you have some details, please leave them in comments and I will be working to update with each of these states.

Arizona passed legislation requiring proof of legibility. Governor Jan Brewer vetoed it.

Oklahoma introduced House Bill 1329 which failed in a 23-20 vote in favor, but failed to received the 25-vote threshold. New legislation was reintroduced in February 2011.

Tennessee introduced legislation January 2011.

Missouri introduced legislation. No info on what happened to it, but language was added to an omnibus bill that was later cut before enacting.

Hawaii introduced a bill January 2011 to allow the State to show proof of a birth certificate for a “person of civic prominence.”

Texas introduced legislation requiring an “original” birth certificate.

Indiana introduced legislation that did not make it out of committee.

Montana introduced legislation in January 2011.

Connecticut introduced legislation in January 2011 that did not make it out of committee.

Nebraska introduced legislation in January 2011 that did not make it out of committee.

Maine introduced legislation.

Louisiana introduced legislation in April 2011, which did not make it out of committee.

Pennsylvania introduced legislation in april 2011.

Alabama introduced legislation in April 2011.

Colorado introduced legislation in April 2011 that was not voted out of committee.

Michigan introduced legislation in April 2011.

As you can see, the steam has turned cold. No one is talking about this. Filing dates in various states ranges from Spring 2012 to Summer 2012. Find your state’s filing date here. It’s time to see if we can’t turn the steam hot again.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I think Obama has a year left to destroy this country, make things so bad that he will declare “martial law” and suspend the election. He wants to rule as a king. And don’t think it can’t happen!

    • Carl, I do think it can happen. The good news is, that many, many now see what’s going on, or at least see the possibility of chaos in our country that is devised as a part of a plan. However, he is destroying us ObamaCare that is being implemented daily, and by ignoring courts, and bypassing the will of Congress. We are in danger. Can’t get him out of there fast enough.

      Carl, I somewhat believe God gave us Obama and the financial mess to show us the way. I think it is a good thing S&P downgraded, considering all we know.

      • Ran

        Agreed and nicely put. For this challenge we should be thankful. Imagine McCain in there, turning-up the temperature of the frog pot. Slowly. Just one “moderate” notch. Rather, we got a pack of immature radicals demanding instant gratification. They instead cranked-up the temperature too fast, too far: it awakened us to the tyranny.

        Obama isn’t the problem: he is the symptom. When he is gone there will be a mess to clean-up. Fumigating the government will be a long, slow process.

  • This whole birth certificate thing has been nothing more than a minor irritant to Obama and the Democratic Machine. Once he took the oath, there is no way they were ever going to get to the truth of his birth certificate. Since he is the sitting president, even in the upcoming elections, the birth certificate deal probably wouldn’t affect anything at all.

    • Aewl, it’s clear we haven’t been able to do a thing about confirming who he is or isn’t, but it is not too late for states to disallow it in the future. Maybe there is no mystery about his birth, other than his refusal to prove it, but we don’t have to ever go through this again. I do think he has to file in each state again. With a new law, I suppose they could waive the restriction for him, and make it mandatory for the future.

  • Randall

    You reactionaries, while certifiably insane, delusional and most likely armed and dangerous, are good for a laugh.

    • Randall, we really don’t care what you think. You don’t care enough about our constitution to protect it, but in the end we may be able to do so in spite of you.

  • Hannah

    In Tennessee, four Republican state Representatives—Stacey Campfield, Glen Casada, Frank S. Niceley and Eric H. Swafford—announced in February 2009 that they would be joining a legal action to force Obama to release his birth certificate and prove his citizenship. Casada, the Tennessee House Republican caucus chairman, said that he believes Obama has further proof of eligibility, and would like him to make it available: “Yes, people may say, you’re just chasing some conspiracy theory … [but] it’s a simple act on his part to just do, and we’re done—move on.” The alternative newspaper Nashville Scene described Swafford as joining a “wacky legal action” and quoted Tennessee house Democrat Larry Miller as saying: “What is the mentality of these kind of people who continuously make these kind of goofy statements? It’s embarrassing.” Attorney Orly Taitz of California said she planned to file the suit, representing the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation.[19][20]
    Legislation proposed in January 2011 would require anyone running for elected office to furnish a birth certificate before being declared an eligible candidate.” It failed to be voted out of a subcommittee.

    • Hannah, thank you. I’ll add that information to the post. I hope to track all of these down. Somehow we have lost the energy to make solid identification available.

      It’s crazy. Liberal don’t want voters to prove who they are, and apparently not their president either. Conservatives, just the opposite. We want to maintain the integrity of the sacred right to vote, and know that our president is constitutional.

      Part of the job of voters (tea partiers) will be to convince legislators not to be distracted by the petty and mean words of the media. We just have to plow ahead and do the right thing.

      Thanks again.

  • I think Obama’s Kingdom days are over. He’s a fool and everyone knows it along with that B. Maxine Waters, what an ugly mouth clown plus the rest of the stooges in the three ring Washington DC Circus. The last few years of Obama’s DICK-tatorship has been nothing but a disgusting disgrace on America.

  • Byron Mullet

    Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us. What could be more simple and fair than each state requiring certifiable proof of citizenship? Why are these states not following through? Who else might come along worse than Barak Obama?

    • All a crying lying shame on our country indeed. Words would not describe how I feel about the Obamanation. God forbid if I ever laid eyes on any of the bastards in Washington DC.