ObamaCare Buys Your Birth Control – Morning After Pill – Breast Pump: It’s Science, don’t ya know

I learned today that I am forced to pay for your birth control and your morning-after, or a-few-days-later, abortion. Condoms included. It will all be “free” to you, because Obama said so. I’ll pay for your breast pump and other breast feeding “supports.” If I’m sounding bitter, I guess shouldn’t. “These historic guidelines are based on science and existing literature.” Nevermind. I’m. Still. Bitter. No copays. Complete coverage. You still have time to run out and buy your condoms. Coverage starts today. There’s about 4 hours left to do what you’re going to do and bill it to me. Go on now. Ron Burgundy is waiting.

The IOM recommendation, opposed by pro-life groups, called for the Obama administration to require insurance programs to include birth control — such as the morning after pill or the ella drug that causes an abortion days after conception — in the section of drugs and services insurance plans must cover under “preventative care.” The companies will likely pass the added costs on to consumers, requiring them to pay for birth control and, in some instances, drug-induced abortions of unborn children in their earliest days.

The IOM recommendation mentioned above is from the Institute of Medicine – and a pox on them. Source: Life News

The IOM recommendations will potentially require people who are not in favor of these drugs to cover and participate in something they find objectionable. You don’t have to agree with such objections, but at the same time people should not be forced to violate their consciences.”

Daily Caller:

“Currently, nearly one in three women finds it difficult to pay for birth control, and that’s why the United States has a far higher unintended-pregnancy rate than other industrialized countries. Making family-planning services available at no cost will help millions of women prevent unintended pregnancy and thereby reduce the need for abortion.”

How many of you who cannot afford your own “birth control” smoke and/or drink, have cell phones, and autos, eat lunch out, have tattoos and pierced ears, get a mani-pedi to boost your spirits, and have more than one television set? When you go out to party, it’s only on Ladies Free Night…right? You don’t ever buy romance novels, or tabloid rags at the Super Market…right? And of course, you’re not paying any income tax – so I pay that for you as well. And what’s wrong with your man? He can’t provide for you? Oh, I see…you don’t know where to find him?…don’t remember his name…never knew his name? Or how about that hubby or live-in? Bet he drinks his weight in beer. And smokes. Eats pork rinds by the gross.

Can someone guess how Obama can “approve” the “recommendation” from the IOM? Did I miss his crowning, or was it done behind closed doors? UPDATE 8-2-11: I talked by phone to Senator Tom Coburn’s office. The provision for birth control and abortion fixes was in the original ObamaCare bill. August 1 was the day it became effective. Today’s announcement was just an announcement.

Hey ladies, you did date Ron Burgundy, didn’t you? Sure you did.

Ron Burgundy – Afternoon Delight (video)

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  • But we still have co-payments for medications for real live children who get sick. Priorities. And no, I have nothing against co-payments. I think they are a good way of controlling costs. I guess there’s no money the federal government won’t spend, or force others to spend, to make sure children are never even born.

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  • Isn’t Viagra provided for ObamaCare for pedophiles as well? My head’s still throbbing from tonight’s devt ceiling House vote, so maybe I’m wrong on that and it was just a bad dream that still seems horrifically real… like the past two and a half years of hopenchange have been.

  • The crowning of Obama, lmao! Yep, he’s king of all things Obamacare. Open wallet, insert government.

  • You rant divinely, Madame

    And with good reason… both a fiscal AND mortal sin

  • Can guys get a free breast pump? Where is the fairness?

  • Here’s a fun project for us bloggers: pull up the Rockefeller Foundation minutes starting in the 1960s, but possibly before and up and check out the push for birth and population control.

    From the 1969 Annual Report:
    “Development of a simple and safe means of controlling human fertility,
    one that would be inexpensive, easy to administer on a mass scale, and
    socially acceptable, is the object of intensive research at a number of major medical centers. The chief methods now in use — the oral pill and the intrauterine device — have serious drawbacks for large-scale programs. Harvard University this year broke ground for a new building to house its Laboratory of Human Reproduction and Reproductive Biology; a Rockefeller Foundation grant of $2 million was made to help equip the Laboratory and to build up a high-powered staff over the next ten years.”

    In case you ever wondered where this stuff comes from.

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  • What does getting pregnant have to do with health care? If a woman can afford birth control, she can’t afford the risk of having sex. How are these women going to be able buy Obamacare insurance in the first place if they can’t even afford birth control?

  • Anything to drive down the population to reduce our resistance.

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  • Mia

    Guess what? I’ve had to pay for other people’s children’s schools even though I don’t have kids. There’s a lot of taxes and things I need to pay for that I don’t partake in, but I respect the choices other people make to not complain.

    You aren’t paying for abortions. You’re paying for the healthcare and well-being of people everywhere. We are THE LAST FIRST WORLD NATION TO HAVE A NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD. Reproductive care falls under that, and it’s hard to find affordable insurance that will cover a decent ob-gyn. Way to stereotype women though! You assume that only tattooed, smoking, drinkin’, frivolous women take birth control?

    Wow. It must be nice to pass judgement from your ivory tower. It distracts you from focusing on your own flaws, huh?

    • Mia, No, pregnancy isn’t a disease. If you don’t want to be pregnant, you don’t have to be pregnant, and once you have conceived and take a pill to abort the baby, that is called “abortion.” I have the right to be in my Ivory Tower. You don’t have the right to steal from it.

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