Obama Plan: Take Family Farmer Land – How and Where They Will Do It

If you are conservative, you are probably reading about Agenda 21, The Smart Movement, Smart Growth, Sustainable Development, The Green Program – they are all one and the same, and there are many other innocuous sounding names – the latest, The The White House Rural Council. Your eyes likely glaze over when you see Agenda 21 staring back at you, I know mine do. Nevertheless, we MUST talk about it. Agenda 21 is so convoluted and so protected by World Leftists that there is no single way to get to the bottom line of this program that plans for your streets to be smaller, your yards to be smaller, your rights to water to end and…on and on.

Oldest Continuously-Run Family Farm Up for Sale


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Under the guise of “preserving open space,” unelected bureaucrats ignore the property rights of the people who own the open space, and write regulations that sometimes require as much as 40 acres to build a single home. ~ Henry Lamb

Obama’s Plan to Remove Family Farmers from their Land
Henry Lamb @ GulagBound

Al Gore was beside himself when the Senate failed to ratify the Convention on Biological Diversity in 1994. Gore had spent the first two years of his Vice-Presidency developing what he called his “Ecosystem Management Policy.” This new policy was nothing more than preparing the agencies of government to implement the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Convention on Biological Diversity, and Agenda 21. These three policy documents were adopted in Rio de Janeiro at the 1992 U.N. Conference on Environment and Development.

Agenda 21 was the only document that was not an international treaty. It was, instead, a non-binding “soft-law” document that was designed to avoid the necessity of Congressional debate or Senate ratification. Bill Clinton issued an Executive Order to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) — especially to implement Agenda 21 administratively — without oversight or interference from Congress. The agencies of government have done a masterful job of infecting almost all urban communities with some form of government control under the guise of “Sustainable Development,” which is the objective of Agenda 21.

Now, the Obama regime intends to impose the same kind of control over rural America through his White House Rural Council, also created by Executive Order.

The rather bland 18-page Convention on Biological Diversity came with an 1140-page instruction book called the Global Biodiversity Assessment. Page 993 of this instruction book says that the Convention’s plan for protecting biodiversity is “…central to the Wildlands Project recently-proposed in the United States.” Page 15 of the Wildlands Project says:

… at least half of the land area of the 48 conterminous states should be encompassed in core reserves and inner corridor zones … assuming that most of the other 50 percent is managed intelligently as buffer zone.

Since the President’s Council on Sustainable Development was created, agencies of the federal government, and complicit environmental organizations, have been working overtime to get people out of rural areas, and into “stack-’n’-pack” high-rise so-called “sustainable” communities. Under the guise of “preserving open space,” unelected bureaucrats ignore the property rights of the people who own the open space, and write regulations that sometimes require as much as 40 acres to build a single home. Quite often, development of any sort is absolutely prohibited. These regulations are typically delivered to a community through a comprehensive land use plan.
In more rural areas, especially in the farming and ranching parts of the country, these measures have not been as successful as the government wants. That’s why a new extension of the PCSD is needed. This time, however, they are calling it the White House Rural Council.

This Council, chaired by the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, and consisting of the heads of 25 government departments and agencies, is charged with extending “sustainability” to that part of the country that has not already been subdued by the measures implemented by the PCSD.
How will they do it? Let us count the ways.

Consider the Department of Transportation’s recent announcement of its intention to reclassify farm vehicles and implements as “commercial” vehicles and require all drivers of these vehicles to hold a Commercial Driver’s License. Applicants for a CDL must be 21 years of age; submit a medical record, a complete driving record from any state in which a license has been obtained; and pass rigorous written and driving tests. CDL holders must keep a log of their activities available to law enforcement at any time; must not work more than 12 consecutive hours; must carry at least $750,000 in liability insurance; and many more requirements that farmers and ranchers just can’t meet.

Farm children have always helped by learning early how to drive farm vehicles. Grandpa could drive the tractor, when he could not do the heavy lifting he did as a youngster. This DOT regulation will end farming and ranching as it has always been known in this country. Farmers and ranchers cannot afford to pay professional CDL holders to come plow the fields, mow the hay, or harvest the corn. Farmers and ranchers who can no longer make a living from the land will have no choice but to sell their land and move to a “stack-’n’-pack” sustainable community. The only potential buyers for these farms are corporate agricultural conglomerates, land trusts, or the government. Since comprehensive land use plans, or other government regulations preclude the possibility of development in the open space, farmers and ranchers will never get the real value of the land.

To add to the hardship on rural families, the Department of Agriculture is still planning to require every farm animal to have an electronic identification ear tag, which will add more costs and bureaucratic red tape to farming and ranching operations.

Every agency that is a member of the White House Rural Council can, and will, find some regulation that rural land owners must comply with in order to stay on their land. This new Executive Order has but one purpose: to further tighten regulatory control over people in rural communities to ensure that their life-style becomes “sustainable,” or in plain language, government-approved.

End Henry Lamb article.

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  • Now farmers can only turn up “dust” 7 days a year. Thanks EPA.

    • Nope, EPA says they must “control dust”. Now how dang stupid can it get. Guess the same fool who writes Obummers Job’s plan also works for the EPA.

    • I’ve been trying to do the “dust” story that Ticker mentions. These people are evil.

  • When you take into account that the EPA all all these other agencies would not be possible without the Federal Reserve printing money, it completes the circle for me. It was when Bretton Woods happened in 1971 that the gold standard was completely taken off that there was an explosion in these freedom-killing agencies.

    • republicanmother, exactly right. I saw a video talking about the gold standard and how it was done away with because voters and their government didn’t have the cash flow to make things happen. It was Dick Morris I think. I agree with Perry that printing more money IS treasonous, considering the debt we are carrying, and the places we could easily stop spending money.

  • I wonder if Obama will be taking the family farms from the White farmers and giving them to his black supporters just like they did in Zimbabwe and South Africa?

    • findalis, It’s exactly what his father wanted and wrote about. He wanted all property, agricultural and retail taken from Kenyan Whites and given to Kenyan Blacks.

  • Many Conservatives seem to have trouble considering that the dots might connect this way. It is a puzzle to me. Totally. It seems to spin them into the world of “I don’t want to be considered “one of those”. Any explanation?

    • Bunkerville, I think it is too big and too covert. It makes people’s head spins. It’s been so long in the works that we don’t know where to start.

  • To me this all goes back to the first “Wilderness” set-asides. It still frustrates me to no end that not one of our so-called leaders has taken-up this issue and until that happens the people on Main Street will continue live in the bliss of ignorance.

    • Jim you’re right. But neither party talks about it. I remember California Republican legislators talking about the Delta Smelt that shutdown the Central Valley’s water. Everything turned to dust. No food was produced. Democrats simply did not care. One of the greatest show of arrogance I’ve seen from politicians, and that’s saying something.

      Oh, and I want to stop taking land for Federal use. It is time to stop.

  • I think they are in for a rude awaking. There is still strong resistance in rural areas.

    • Trestin, I hope you are right, but I don’t know what they can do. These Obama agencies have shown that they are up to trampling you, and can get by with it.

  • michigan

    And this little gem all of us in rural America that have to purchase bulk fuels for work; now everyone has received a letter from their supplier about this EPA regulation, beginning November 10, 2011.

    This applies to anyone that has capacity stores over 1320 gallons of combined fuels above ground. I haven’t ever seen in my area a rash of spills from above ground storage to warrant this chicanery; and most people this applies to that I know are asking where the hell did this crap come from?
    And I quote from the supplier’s letter:

    “The development of SPCC plans could be very costly to our commercial operators.”

    “If the facility does not meet the above criteria, the SPCC plan must be certified by a licensed Professional Engineer; which could be very costly to the owner / operator of the facility. “
    You are then referred to here:


    And here:


    You can “self certify” if your capacity is below 10,000 gallons and you haven’t had any discharges in three years but this is just more government intervention for no good reason. This will affect a great many farmers and heavy equipment operators nationwide at a great cost to us and hamper the economy to even a greater extent in the name of straw man safety. Most people say “so what, it doesn’t affect me”, but it really does at the grocery store, construction projects and many others where large machines are needed for work. People are sick to death of this crap.

    • michigan, great information. I’ll follow your links. Yeah, people just don’t care if it isn’t happening to them, but it really is happening to them. It just comes out of their wallet. The real thing though is government control. Most people don’t see it.

      Again thanks for the links. I will follow them.

  • mario

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  • Do to us in rural America the same as they did in Kenya, They will think all HELL has broken loose!!!!! Why doesn’t Obama go back to Kenya where he was BORN!

  • Rebecca

    The Left has been working for years to stop children from doing anything on farms by saying it is hazardous work. In the 1990s a nationwide program was started to supposedly increase farm safety for children. Although farm safety is important, I question the real motives for any of this safety stuff. Having children work around farms increases their independence and brain power. Plus, “farm families?” Where’s the communism in that?