Obama Bush: CNN Biased Reporting of Low Approval Ratings

Rush Limbaugh put it on video/audio for us. Listen to the different attitudes and emphases in the way CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reports the low job approval ratings of both presidents.

Wolf Blitzer

Rush Limbaugh:

Oh, now, folks, here’s some headlines: Los Angeles Times: “Gallup: Obama Job Rating Sinks Below 40% for the First Time.” National Journal: “Obama Hits New Low in Gallup Survey.” Daily Caller: “Obama’s Approval Rating Reaches Lowest Point in His Presidency.” TheHill.com: “Obama Approval Rating Hits New Low in Latest Gallup Tracking Poll.” And Gallup itself says Obama’s daily approval rating and even his disapproval rating are both at new lows. No, actually Gallup doesn’t say that. You will not find those details mentioned anywhere on their website; you’ll just see the number. At least I couldn’t find it, and I’m still at about 70% here, a little bit of a foggy haze so you’re gonna have to bear with me here today. Probably, had I not mentioned that I was ill Friday you wouldn’t have known it and you wouldn’t have known it today either, but honesty is the best policy.

Now, Gallup just posted their daily tracking chart without any comment on the numbers. It’s 39%! Others have noted that these are both record lows for Obama, but Gallup doesn’t like to trumpet bad news. Now, we all remember how they refrained from mentioning Bush’s record low poll numbers. In fact, let’s go to the audio sound bites.

Biased Reporting on Obama and Bush Low Approval Ratings (audio/video)

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